What Martha Stewart Can Teach You About DIY Blogging

When it comes to DIY blogging, few do it better than Martha Stewart. Throughout her career, she’s created a brand that started from $0 and is now valued at over $1 billion.

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She’s done this by creating powerful content that engages her audience. This includes television, magazines and of course, blogging.

Do you have dreams of growing a DIY blog into a powerhouse?

If so, there’s a lot you can learn about what Martha does that you can apply to your area of DIY expertise.

In this article, we’ll share lessons from Martha’s DIY blogging that you can start using today.

Use Every Day to Learn Something New

In order to start expanding your audience, you need to learn something new every single day.

Knowledge is power. It helps fuel your creative juices and spark incredible ideas to write about.

Martha never takes the same route to a destination. She knows that it’s important to always stay curious and look for new ideas.

Use your own curiosity and thorough research to create DIY posts that inform readers about things they didn’t know about before reading your blog.

Explain them in a simple way and encourage readers to try the new things you blog about.

If you get in an idea rut, try the following:

Take Time to Read

Read other DIY blogs and books from other influencers. Don’t copy their ideas, but see what inspires you toward your own ideas.

When you spend time reading, you’ll be amazed at the ideas you’ll come up with and the motivation you’ll have to write about them.

Take Notes About Your Thoughts and Ideas

Always keep a pen and notebook handy for when ideas strike you. If you’re desperate and not near paper, take notes on your smartphone.

Great ideas come and go like the wind. If you don’t write them down immediately, they could blow away.

Teach and Inform Readers

Martha is the DIY queen for a reason: she teaches her audience how to make the things she makes while not over-complicating anything.

You want your readers to get the feeling of, “hey, I can do that!” when they read your blog.

Then, when they finish their DIY project, they’ll be so proud of it they’ll share it on social media. When they do, it creates a larger audience for you.

Teaching your readers in a simple and straight-forward way is key to DIY blogging success.

Tell Engaging Stories

People enjoy reading interesting stories. For your next DIY post, do you have a story about what inspired you to make and write about the project?

Were you recently shopping for a new air conditioning unit at Comfort Conditioning and a “cool” idea hit you that you couldn’t wait to write about?

Share the story!

The next time you read Martha’s blog posts, take note at how often she ties stories into projects.

It’s a powerful way to engage readers.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Don’t try to emulate the personality of other successful bloggers. Always be your genuine self.

Part of the reason so many millions of people read Martha’s blog is that she comes across as very genuine. If your writing doesn’t reflect the genuine you, readers see right through it.

DIY Blogging the Martha Stewart Way

Maybe you’ll never drive your brand to over $1 billion like Martha has. Maybe you wouldn’t even want to.

But by following some of the secrets behind her success, you can build a DIY blog that reaches millions.

If you’re just thinking about starting a blog for the first time, these resources will be a huge help.

Here’s to your blogging success!