Make the Sale: 6 Pro Phone Sales Tips to Use on New Prospects

Phone Selling

A recent study reported that 55% of cold-call recipients will not answer the phone. With those statistics, it is important to make the most of every lead that you’re able to speak with.

What can you do to improve your conversion rates on calls? How can you pique the client’s interest?

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Keep reading to learn 6 pro phone sales tips to use on new prospects. 

1. Think Positive

Start calls off on a positive note. 

Sales calls are more likely to have a positive outcome if you mention something good right off the bat. Some ideas of this are discussing a local sports team winning, good weather, or a positive news story.

2. Stay in Control

Take the lead of the conversation by setting clear expectations. 

For example, you could say something like, “I’ll go over our pricing structure and tell you a little bit about our company and then we can take a look at our schedule to find a time that works for you.”

3. Hot Leads

Consider using a lead-generating service like this lead forensics competitor.

By utilizing tracking for your website, these services are able to provide leads that have taken a look at your site, ensuring prior interest.

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4. Use Your Script

Now, don’t say the script word for word. It’s important to allow for some variation so you do not end up sounding robotic.

Memorizing the script does help to keep rebuttals to common objections fresh in your mind and help keep your talking points consistent. 

5. Anticipate Needs

If you can get the conversation flowing, the customer will often tell you their needs. Once you know what is important to the customer, it is easier to tailor the conversation to what will interest them the most by explaining the benefits of your company that apply to their needs.

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Clearly explaining the value in your company will set you apart from competitors.

6. Keep it Simple

Limiting options and choices is the best practice for phone sales. Doing so creates a sense of urgency for the customer and makes them more inclined to want to proceed to avoid missing out.

It is also a good idea to decide on a select few features or benefits to hone in on so that the customer can feel that they have made a good choice and not be overwhelmed with options. If there is pushback from the customer, then it would be a good time to include additional benefits. 

Make the Sale With These Phone Sales Tips

Now that you are familiar with the top phone sales tips, it is time to make that sale! Listen to what your customer is looking for, clearly explain your company’s benefits, keep the conversation positive, and use leads that have already expressed interest for a better chance of closing the deal.

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