How to Make Money Online with Your Pet Lovers Blog

pet lovers blog

Are you thinking of starting your own pet blog? Do you already have a blog that you would like to monetize?

Either way, it’s possible. If you have a passion for what you do and a solid plan in place, you can make money with a pet lovers blog.

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People are crazy about their pets, so pet bloggers are having a real impact in the blogging industry.

How can you turn your passion into an online blog that will generate money for you? Read on for our expert tips.

Characteristics of a Pet Blogger

If you don’t have a genuine love for animals, pet blogging isn’t for you. Readers will pick up on sincerity (or insincerity) very quickly.

To be a successful pet blogger, you must have:

  • A passion for animals
  • Helpful knowledge and insight for others
  • Patience and determination to make your pet blog a success

Ideally, you should also have experience with the breeds or animals you’re writing about. You need to have a niche or some level of expertise to offer value to your readers.

Making money from your pet lovers blog won’t happen overnight, but it certainly is possible. You could make enough to have some side income or, in time, enough to support your family.

With dedication, you could even get rich with a highly successful blog.

Using CPC and CPM Ads

One common way bloggers begin generating money is by placing ads on their site. This is one of the easiest ways to start making some money from your blog.

CPC and PPC ads, also known as pay per click ads, appear as banners in your sidebar or within content on your site. Each time one of your pet-loving readers click on an ad, you get paid.

The idea is for readers to be interested enough to visit that particular company’s website and place an order for their product or service.

For example, let’s say a blog reader is interested in buying the best animal crate for their pet. They might click on an ad and visit after reading your valuable content.

CPM ads, also known as cost per 1,000 impressions ads, are similar in concept. Rather than paying you per click, though, they pay you a fixed amount based on the number of people who view the ad.

A popular way bloggers place these types of ads is through Google AdSense. Using this program, you place the ad on your site but you have no direct contact with the seller. Google does the communication for you and chooses ads related to your particular content.

Selling Private Advertising

Advertising networks aren’t the only options. If your site begins to generate serious traffic, advertisers will ask you if they can put their ads on your site.

If you can demonstrate success with your blog, you may also contact advertisers and ask for their ads to be on your site. In this scenario, you avoid the middleman and set your own rates.

Private ads may appear as banners, links, or buttons. Another option is writing sponsored posts and reviewing a particular service or product for payment. An advertiser can even pay you to add “brought to you by” after your post and include their business name.

Every blogger has his or her favorite ways of making money with ads. The key is to find out what works best for you and your pet lovers blog.

Including Affiliate Links

Adding affiliate links in your posts is another way to make money from your blog. Advertisers can offer you a commission for any sale generated from your site.

The advertiser places a specific link on your site, and this tracks any sales that originate from your site. You can add the affiliate link in banners or in your content.

Whenever your reader clicks the affiliate link and then goes on to purchase the advertiser’s product or service, you get paid.

Selling Digital Products on Your Site

Maybe you prefer not to sell other people’s products on your site. You might feel it takes away from interest in your blog.

That’s okay. There are other ways to monetize your blog.

If you have enough expertise in a certain area, you could create lucrative digital products to sell on your site. For example, you could write and sell eBooks or offer online workshops or courses.

You have to do what makes sense for you and your brand. Most importantly, it must be relevant to those who read your blog.

Get to know your readers, listen to them, and then develop a product that’s useful to them. Otherwise, it won’t sell.

Products as Marketing Tools

You can also sell physical products rather than digital items. You can sell books, manufactured products, or even handmade products on your blog.

If you already have a pet business, your blog can drive the traffic from your loyal readers to your business as well.

There are so many possibilities for selling products. You have to think of your particular niche and keep the reader in mind.

Building Credibility

Having a successful blog can lead to many opportunities for you down the road. You may become well known in your particular area of expertise.

You can eventually turn that authority into paid speaking opportunities or even a book deal. Many popular bloggers have used their blog as a stepping stone to greater success.

An important point to remember, though, is that a successful blog takes constant attention and work. It may be your passion, but to make money at it you do have to treat it like a business.

It takes many months or even years to develop a truly successful, well-known blog.

Your Content Matters

If you don’t contribute regular high-quality posts, no one is going to have an interest in your blog.

Consider this: What value are you bringing to your readers’ lives?

To establish regular followers, you must inform and engage your readers. If they aren’t reading your posts, they certainly won’t be clicking on your ads or any products you’re trying to sell.

Social Media Matters

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. The goal is to increase traffic to your blog, and social media can help you do just that.

Getting your quality posts on social media where they can be viewed, shared, and liked by millions of people is exactly what you need to generate real interest.

Make sure you have social media pages linked to your blog. It doesn’t hurt to have plenty of adorable pet pictures to share, too!

Create Relationships

You can’t spend all your time focusing solely on your blog. You must create relationships with those involved to be truly successful.

Build relationships with your readers by communicating with them. Ask for their thoughts and provide a way they can ask questions and respond to your posts.

Be sure to build relationships with your affiliate partners, sponsors, other bloggers, and businesses. These avenues can all help to steer traffic to your site.

You want long-standing relationships that will generate long-term income for you.

Mix It Up

Any successful blogger will tell you that you have to find out what works best for you in order to make it work.

Not all of these money making methods may work for your blog, and that’s okay. Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to try different methods to see what “clicks” with you and your readers.

If something isn’t working for you, there’s always another avenue you can try.

Take a look at other successful pet lovers bloggers. What’s working for them? Borrowing good ideas from successful bloggers never hurts.

In time, you’ll learn what works best for you. The blogging industry is growing and changing every day. Keep yourself current by reading about the latest trends and possibilities for making money through blogging.

Make It Happen

There will always be pet lovers, and that trend will never go out of style. Pets aren’t just pets; they’re family members.

This is a great market to tap into if you’re a serious animal lover. There will never be a shortage of readers as long as you have something worthwhile to share.

It is possible to make some money from your pet lovers blog, but wishing for it isn’t enough. If you have the time, the desire, and the dedication, you can make your pet blog a success.

The more popular your blog becomes, the more avenues open up for you to make money with it. It won’t happen overnight, but with a lot of hard work on your part, it can happen.

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