Make An Impression With These 15 Gut-Bustingly Funny Business Card Ideas

For every 2,000 business cards you hand out, you’ve got a 2.5% higher likelihood of making a sale. That’s a lot of business cards you then have to give away!

No wonder then that printers cough out as many as 27 million of these cards a day. That means every year, almost 10 billion of these cards go on print.

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In any case, these statistics should already tell you that a business card would only work if it stands out. If it offers something new.

This is where humor comes into play. By handing out a funny business card, you’ve got more chances of people remembering you. Remember, you only have seven seconds to leave a lasting impression, and using humor can do the trick.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, we’ve come up with 15 of them. So, feel free to use as many as you want!

Why Use Business Cards in the First Place?

Before we start the list, let’s take a closer look at why you should even use business cards in the first place.

For starters, because they still play a major role in building your new client list. Granted, many of these cards end up in the bin, but for the most part, that’s because they’re boring.

That’s why you want your cards to be hilarious, or at the very least, make people smile. Giving your business cards a facelift can turn them into tools for your business’ success. You want to impress, so dress your cards to do exactly that.

With these humorous business card ideas, you can make your business cards work harder for you!

1. A Business Card You Can Tear in Half…

To tell people you’re a divorce lawyer. Or a marriage counselor. Or that you’re all for fairness and equality.

Whatever their case (sorry) is, this is one creative way to get people to remember you.

2. A Serrated Business Card…

With an image of a body, part of which (think protruding tummy) is tearable to tell people you can get them ripped (haha). Or at least help them lose the bulge or all that extra fat.

This then makes it great for physical trainers and cosmetic or plastic surgeons. Make sure your most important contact details are on the bigger portion of the card though!

3. A Business Card that Also Serves as a Ruler…

To let people know you can get them straightened out. Or at the very least, their teeth, using dental braces. Using metal for these business cards make it every funnier, because you know, “metal mouths”.

These funny business cards can also work for anyone who deal with “straight” stuff. There are the engineers and architects, for instance. In fact, anyone who’re actual “rulers”, like managers and supervisors – even judges – may want to go with this design.

4. A Business Card with a “Chewed Off” Part…

To give people an inkling of your kitchen prowess and of course, humor! Remember, everyone likes good food. But they’ll love you even more if you’ve got humor to go with your amazing cooking skills.

5. Half Business Card, Half Multi-Tool

This one may not crack up the person you give it to, but we’re pretty sure a card like this will make them go “whoa”. Especially when they need to open a beer bottle (which many often do soon as they get home). Or when a nut on their bike needs some tightening up.

You’d need metal materials for these business cards though. Don’t worry, as you won’t have problems finding metal cutters and designers specializing in such. You can learn more here about these unique business cards slash awesome multi-tools.

By the way, these also work great as promotional giveaways. One stone, multiple birds.

6. The Coupon Business Card

Want an (almost) foolproof way to make people come to your office? Then hand out business cards that also serve as discount coupons! With 96% of U.S. consumers using coupons, that’s a great way to attract new customers.

7. The “I will Shoot You” Business Card

Running a photography, videography, or filmography business? Then this humorous business card idea may work for you! It’s funny yet truthful, so long as you clarify the “shoot” part.

For a much more dramatic effect, place only the “I will shoot you” statement on the front of the card. The rest, have them printed on the back. That can elicit “surprise” from anyone, and as you know, (nice) surprises are always memorable.

8. The “I’m Your Man/Woman” Business Card

Pretty hilarious, no? But it also shows that you’re confident you can deliver whatever your customers need. Whether you’re a gardener or interior designer, this kind of business card can make anyone smile.

Here’s to hoping they won’t get the wrong idea though!

9. The Band Aid Business Card

If your business or office deals with anything bruise- or injury-related, this is a fun card idea you may want to use. It’s a light-hearted twist to an otherwise serious occupation.

Keep in mind that humor, so long as used at the right place and right time, is always welcome. Plus, people who may want to use this, such as doctors or surgeons, are often considered serious folks. By giving potential patients humorous business cards, they’ll likely feel more at ease.

10. The “Peel Off to Reveal” Business Card

There’s something about statements like “peel off to reveal” that can get anyone excited. Almost everyone likes mysteries, so this kind of business card can give you that “oomph” to stand out. It’s a great way to incite excitement in people you’ll hand your business cards to.

So, the next time someone asks you for your name, give this card instead. You never know, they may become one of your most loyal customers!

11. The Scratch Card

“Want to know what I do? Scratch this off to find out!”

Anyone who reads that is likely to follow those instructions. It works much like how the “Peel Off to Reveal” business cards do, so they’re great together. Both are funny ways to transform your business cards into something more interesting.

12. The “This is Who I Am” Business Card

You know what they say, flaunt it when you got it! So, why not flaunt it right away, like the moment you meet a potential customer? Seeing your qualities listed on these cards can either make them laugh, make them go “wow”, or even both.

Either way, you’re sure to capture their attention.

Break the ice by going for physical characteristics, like “blond, blue-eyed, 6-feet tall”. Or, you can also put there “tall, dark, and handsome”. Add other interesting things about yourself, like anime-lover, superhero-wannabe, and master chef.

Whatever you want to put there though, you want them to still be a form of effective marketing. So, even if it’s funny, make sure there’s still a semblance of truth in them!

13. The “List of My Accomplishments” Business Cards

This one is pretty much like the “This is Who I Am” business cards. The key difference is, you’ll list stuff you have already accomplished.

You can say “High school graduate, from 15 years ago.” That bit about 15 years ago can be hilarious, since it’s like an age-related joke. You can even say “Learned how to ride a bike at 6, now a master cyclist.”

If you’re a video gamer, you can also say stuff like you conquered this or that world. The bottom line is, any sort of personal accomplishment you can turn into fun facts should go into the list.

14. The Seedy Business Card

We’re talking about literal seeds here! That said, these fun business cards work for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers. Any similar profession, such as interior designers, can also get kicks out of these cards.

To make it even funnier, play with words. You can go with something like “This may be a seed(y) card, but we have a squeaky-clean business”.

Also, since you’ll put actual seeds in the cards (which you can print on packets), go for the easy-to-grow stuff. Basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, and chives are some of your best options. This also works in your favor, since seeing these herbs will remind your customers of you.

15. The Pop-Up Photo Business Card

These are great for advertisers, because, pop up ads. But anyone who wants to include a photo of them on their business cards can go with this design. Especially if the image itself shows you in a good, but funny light (think wacky shots).

Be the Center of Attraction with these Funny Business Card Ideas

These funny business card ideas can crack anyone up. So, as early as now, get cracking on having them made!

A friendly reminder though: It’s best to stick to clean and funny humor. Avoid politically-incorrect jokes that may only end up offending people.

Ready for more ways to make your business stand out? Check out our blog!