Looking for a New Real Estate Blog? The Top 5 Blogs to Read

real estate agent handing keys to buyer

As of April of 2019, 673,000 houses were sold. Whether we’re in a buyer or a seller’s market, there’s always industry news and insight a realtor needs to know.

This is to ensure you’ll flourish as a realtor.

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What’s the easiest way to learn these updates? Keeping tabs on realty blogs is one of the best methods. But no two realty blogs are the same. It’s important to know which blogs matter before you dig into the content.

If you’re looking for a real estate blog, check out these 5. We’ll also include some advice in case you want to start your own!

1. CRE Online Blog

This blog is targeted to real estate investors.

The blog details the current market as well as offers real estate investing advice and tips. This blog can also help you choose an investment strategy and teaches you everything to know about managing rental properties.

2. Zillow Porchlight

Zillow is a website that allows buyers to search for homes.

But Zillow also provides plenty of resources for realtors. They explain what’s trending in both the buying and rental markets and even informs realtors about other helpful facts such as any new legislation in the housing industry.

3. Keller Williams

Even though Keller Williams is likely one of your competitors, they have one of the most comprehensive blogs for realtors. They offer advice from all angles such as marketing, leads, training opportunities, and branding.

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The contributors are some of the most important names in the industry, making them a trusted source.

4. McKissock

McKissock not only provides helpful content for real estate agents but also for real estate appraisers and even teaches about appraisals for specific types of housing.

You can read this blog to improve your appraisal skills, helping improve your overall real estate career.

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5. Fundrise Education

Fundrise is a real estate investment platform. So it’s no surprise that their blog, Fundrise Education, is another blog targeted to real estate investors.

One of the best aspects of this blog is they offer advice and how-to articles for investors on all levels — from beginners to seasoned investors. Their opinion pieces also help you make better-investing decisions.

How to Start Your Own Real Estate Blog

Did all of these blogs inspire you to start your own? All you have to do is:

  • Create a blog through a blogging platform
  • Design your website and write your first blog post

Eventually, your blog will increase in popularity and you’ll need more features for your blog, such as a WordPress plug in.

Be Updated With a Real Estate Blog

Reading a real estate blog can inform you of the current market, any important changes, and plenty of advice. You’ll become a better and more knowledgeable realtor, resulting in more clients.

There are even blogs for other niches such as real estate investing.

You can also start a blog yourself and become a real estate influencer.

If you’re thinking seriously about starting a blog, we can help you. Check out our blog creation services.

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