Localization Translation: 7 Key Benefits of Website Translation

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Approximately 72.1 percent of internet users report spending the majority (if not all) of their time on websites in their language. About 72.4 percent of consumers also said they’re more likely to buy products when the description information is written in their language.

Do you want to turn your business into a global brand? Do you want people from all over the world to buy what you’re selling?

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If so, then it helps to have your website translated into multiple languages. Read on to learn more about localization translation and the benefits it has to offer your company’s website.

What Is Localization Translation?

As it relates to a business’s blog or website, localization translation is all about adapting content so that it matches a specific locale. In addition to translating the words so they’re written in a different language, localization translation also takes the following into account:

  • Adapting graphics so they align with specific market preferences
  • Modifying content so it matches the tastes and habits of consumers in foreign markets
  • Adapting design so it displays translated text in the proper way
  • Converting information to meet local requirements (such as units of measure and currencies)
  • Using local formats for addresses, phone numbers, dates, and other information

It also involves making sure your content meets specific local regulations and legal requirements. At the end of the day, the primary focus is to ensure the content on your website looks and feels as though it was created specifically for members of a particular group, regardless of their language, culture, and location. 

Benefits of Website Localization Translation

Now that you know more about what localization translation is, let’s get into the specifics of how it can benefit your website. Here are some of the key advantages you can enjoy when you invest in website localization translation:

1. Access More People

First, making localization translation a priority allows you to reach a wider audience. If part of your target market is located outside of the United States and speaks a language other than English, or if you’d like to expand your target market to include these people, you need to localize your website and translate it into languages they can understand.

Don’t rely on Google Translate to help people figure out what you’re selling. Go the extra mile so you can attract the right people to your website and get them to stick around.

2. Improve User Experience

Speaking of sticking around, visitors are going to be much more inclined to continue working with your business is you make an effort to localize your website so that your content appeals to them.

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This helps to create a more positive user experience and allows them to access the information they need with ease. When you do this and show people that you care, they’ll have a better time visiting your website and will want to come back in the future.

3. Increase Credibility

Having a localized, multilingual website helps to improve your business’s credibility among members of your target market, too. When you make an effort to speak to people in their native language, they see that you are serious about getting their attention and keeping it. They also see that you care about making sure they have a positive experience when they interact with your site and consume your content.

As more people start to pick up on this message, they’ll be more inclined to revisit your website and become a customer or client. They’ll also be more inclined to recommend your site to their friends and family members, which further helps to increase your sales and boost your bottom line.

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4. Boost Engagement

If people have a positive experience visiting your website, their chances of engaging with your business in other ways increase as well. They might be more interested in checking out your social media platforms, for example, or signing up for your email newsletter. This added engagement can help them eventually become a customer, too.

5. Gain a Competitive Edge

Think about your competitors. Are they making an effort to translate and localize their website? Are they thinking out of the boxes and appealing to people who are located outside of the U.S.?

If they’re not doing these things, focusing on localization translation now will help you to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead of them in the race to dominate foreign markets. If they are already doing these things, you still need to focus on translating your website. It’s not too late to catch up to them, but you’ll have to work hard if you want to have a significant impact.

6. Improve SEO

Localization and translation are great for boosting your website’s search engine rankings, too.

English SEO (short for search engine optimization) keywords are the most competitive. In other languages, there’s way less competition. If you can rank for these keywords in languages other than English, you’ll be able to bring more traffic to your site and increase your search engine ranking in a major way.

When you start ranking well for keywords in foreign languages, there’s also a good chance that your Domain Authority will increase. This, in turn,  helps you start ranking better for keywords in English.

7. Test the Waters in a Cost-Effective Way

Finally, website translation and localization gives you an opportunity to test the waters of growing your business internationally without having to spend a ton of money. It’s far more cost-effective to translate and localize your website than it is to try and establish a physical presence for your business in a new country. Localization and translation ehlp you decide if there is a market for your business in another place before you try and expand there in a larger way.

Translate and Localize Your Business’s Website Today

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why you ought to make localization translation a priority for your business. Keep these benefits in mind as you begin exploring website translation services.

Do you want to learn about other strategies you can implement to grow your online business and expand your audience? If so, visit the blogging and content creation resources on our site today for more information.

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