How Local Bloggers Build Trust in the Community

local bloggers

local bloggersMany local bloggers starting out find it’s tricky to gain the trust of readers.

But this is highly doable — as long as you’re blogging about the right topics and not making careless errors.

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By delivering a trustworthy and accurate blog, you’ll see readers returning for more, proving that they have faith in what you have to say.

Building trust with your readers can be difficult — so here’s how to do it…

Know Your Stuff

Make sure you’re accurate when it comes to posting about local resources, information, and events.

Don’t do any guessing — research what you’re blogging about and make sure you’re delivering 100% accurate content.

This makes you look informed, intelligent and trustworthy.

Allow yourself to be engaging with it — don’t come across monotone and factual.

Be as quirky as you like, just make sure you’re providing an accurate source of information.

For example, if you’re a Cincinnati based blogger blogging about Tri-State Centers for Sight LASIK (bladeless laser eye treatment) and you claim they do use blades in their unique treatments, you’re going to alienate both the service and the consumer.

Market Yourself

If you’re a seasoned blogger on other topics, have written for national or international sites as a guest poster, have any awards or have sat on expert panels — brag about it.

Without sounding conceited you can list your accolades to install further trust in readers.

Think of it in the same way you would send perspective employees or customers your resume.

Pop these at the top, side or bottom of your homepage to stir immediate trust in your visitors.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you’re honest — and your opinion is unbiased and accurate — it will attract faith in readers, who will want to return.

If you love a product, service or local event, local bloggers shouldn’t worry about expressing enthusiasm for it.

This simply comes over as passionate and when readers take your advice and agree with you they’ll come back.

Equally, if you’re a blogging about a local service that is below par, be tactfully honest.

Don’t be too damning as that appears unprofessional — but openly state what’s wrong with a service, so that readers will appreciate you giving them the full story.

Communicate and Invite Comment

If you’re simply a voice behind a screen and don’t encourage comment or interaction from your readers, you lose that personable touch that local bloggers should bring.

Don’t hesitate to welcome questions and comments from your visitors — after all, if they trust you enough to make personal requests for your advice, you know you’re doing something right.

Ask if there’s a local topic or event that they want to know more about — and if they respond, do the research and post about it.

Answer any questions they may submit and engage with them on social media if they reach out.

Success For Local Bloggers

By following these tips, your readership base will not only have regular visitors, it will grow.

If you’re instilling trust in your visitors — and in the local services you’re writing about — then they will all recommend you to others.

In turn, these people will become loyal customers and will return to invest in your products and services, meaning you’re all benefitting from your trustworthy writing.

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