Link Building 101: What You NEED to Know for Strong Blog Promotion


Sometimes, it seems like the luckiest websites are the ones who receive the best SEO results. You can write the best blogs and optimize each blog for the highest performing keywords, and you still may not make the first page in Google.

The websites that always get ranked highest don’t do so out of luck. They receive their authority through backlinks.

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Backlinking is when another blog or website links back to your website. This tells Google your blog is valuable and they will improve your rankings.

But here’s the million-dollar question: how do you build backlinks? Here’s your guide on long building and how it can improve your blog promotion.

What is Link Building?

Links don’t only benefit readers and provide resources to prove your argument. Links help Google crawl bots walk the world wide web.

Here’s a good example: say you’re driving and need to visit a destination. You drive along a series of streets to get to where you need to go, right? Say Google bots are driving their cars.

The links are streets that lead them to a new destination, meaning a website.

If links bring Google bots back to the same websites, they signify the website as an important destination. Therefore, that website receives higher search engine rankings.

You can learn more about link building here.

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Increase Website Traffic

Google has a formula when ranking. While link building helps, Google first looks at your website traffic. When you have high website traffic and valuable inbound links, this is a recipe for search engine success.

How do you increase your website traffic? Here are a few good pointers:

  • Increase website speed
  • Creating quality content
  • Ensuring your website design is responsive

The more popular and active your website is, the better it will rank in Google.

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Linking Should Be Natural

Unfortunately, the majority of websites on the internet are spam. But don’t worry – Google has your back. They can detect spam quickly, punishing the website and knocking malicious websites down the Google totem pole.

Even though your website isn’t spamming, it’s helpful to prove this fact to Google. The best way to do this is by building backlinks. This tells Google you’re a reputable source.

But this is a chicken-and-the-egg example. What comes first – backlinks or Google’s trust? If you haven’t built enough backlinks, you can easily gain Google’s trust first so your links can be found by other reputable blogs.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Create useful, substantial, and fact-driven content that can easily be sourced by other websites
  • Create great blog titles
  • Build links naturally – don’t participate in malicious link building scams
  • Increase your website speed
  • Limit your advertisements
  • Include essential website information on every page (your name, contact information, etc.)

This tells Google you’re a human operating a website and you provide useful content. This will not only help you receive backlinks but will become a trusted name in the Google sphere.

Your Anchor Text Matters More Than You Think

Did you know the anchor text used matters more to link building than you’d expect?

Like every other area in your blog, Google looks for keywords. If your anchor text is optimized for keywords, this helps Google find your link and can rank your website according to your niche.

Niche Websites are Also Important

What is general business and popularity advice we have always been told? Appeal to a larger audience, right? Well, Google doesn’t seem to agree. Google likes niches.

Niche marketing helps you stand out, Google can easily identify your brand and you excel over the competition.

This is why your niche can truly benefit your backlinking strategy.

Let’s take your location and business type as examples. Location is a very popular niche that lets Google separate your brand from others in different parts of the world.

Your profession can provide industry-knowledge, helping Google rank your website even better.

If you own an architecture firm in New York, you could rank for local New York businesses and any topic related to architecture.

The only catch is your website will benefit greatly if you receive backlinks from other websites related to your company.

Backlinks from a New York business classifieds website will benefit you better than backlinks from a Colorado business listing website.

The same fact goes for your profession. Backlinks from an architecture news website will benefit you greatly over backlinks from a local pet store.

Link Building Should Be Consistent

Is your website so last year? If you haven’t received any backlinks in a year, then Google will consider your website to be out of season.

In order to have a successful link building strategy, you need to consistently nurture your backlinks. Websites that consistently earn links will continue their relevancy and thus continue receiving strong Google rankings.

While you can’t control every backlink you receive, you can do consistent efforts to retain website relevancy. This includes publishing consistent content.

Your Linking Also Matters

Link building doesn’t only include receiving backlinks. The backlinks you use on your website also help your Google rankings.

Chances are, you’re linking to non-competitor websites in your niche. You link to source your information and prove your credibility. This not only helps your readers but it also helps Google.

If you link to spam and malicious websites, Google will also consider your website to be spam and a malicious website. Make sure you only link to popular and credible websites.

In addition, the links you include also help Google identify your niche.

Let’s go back to the previous example. If you own an architecture firm, you’re likely not linking to pet websites. You’re linking to reputable architectural websites and influencers.

Google will help rank you amongst other credible sources in your niche.

Blog Promotion with Link Building is Easy!

If your blog promotion campaign is going nowhere, start measuring your backlinks and ensure Google sees you as a reputable source.

But before you can start link building, you need a blog. Are you struggling to start a blog? Here’s how!

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