Leverage Video with These 5 Fitness Blog Ideas

fitness blog ideas

fitness blog ideasIf you want your fitness blog to truly have an impact and generate a real buzz, including videos is an absolute must.

After all, science shows that sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Integrating videos into your blog will help to get your message across in an effective way, and will make your blog more interesting and informative!

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Wondering how to effectively incorporate videos into your fitness blog? You’re in the right place!

Read on for five fitness blog ideas that will leverage video to engage your audience.

Fitness Blog Ideas

1. Go Live!

Ever heard of Facebook live? It’s a cool new feature in which Facebook users can live stream a video to their followers.

You could use this platform to tell your blog viewers more about you personally, more about your brand, or educate them about various fitness techniques. All you need to do is go live on Facebook and then embed the link to the video on your blog. It’s that easy!

2. Incorporate Instagram

Do you have a fitness Instagram account? Well, why limit these videos to just Instagram?

Similarly to Facebook videos, you can use the fitness videos that you post to your Instagram account on your fitness blog. Select a video that is a helpful visual to match your blog post, and simply embed it.

Don’t forget to mention your blog on your Instagram, too!

3. Publish a Tutorial

Simply writing about fitness may not be enough to accurately describe certain exercises or techniques. By posting videos, you can help your blog readers to truly understand what you’re writing about, and how to safely complete it themselves.

Publish a video tutorial to get your followers involved and engaged. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to let your personality shine!

4. Post Video Reviews

If you enjoy sharing reviews of new fitness products you try, like supplements or workout gear, try posting some video reviews. Not only is this more interesting for your followers than reading, it will also give them a better idea of the product which you are describing.

Checking out other blog posts (click here for an example) is a great way to get ideas for new things to try out and review for your blog’s audience.

5. Host an Interview

Know any friends who are also in the fitness game? Bodybuilding bloggers? Favorite fitness class instructors? Nutritionists?

Host an interview with them!

This is a fun and engaging way to intrigue and inform your viewers. You could even build up buzz for the interview in previous blog posts, and encourage followers to leave comments with ideas for interview questions.

These Fitness Blog Ideas Won’t Steer You Wrong!

If you use the fitness blog ideas above to incorporate video into your material, you’ll be seeing great improvements in your traffic in no time. And your viewers will be more engaged and excited by your material!

Whether you embed videos from social media, host an interview, review some new products or publish a fitness tutorial, what’s important is that you’re posting videos that matter to you. Remember to have fun!

Got any questions? Want to join the conversation? Leave a comment below or contact us here. We’d love to chat!