Legal Weed: 5 Tips for the Highest Traffic to Your Blog

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weed website loadingLegal weed is an incredibly popular topic these days. With legalization in over half of the country, creating a blog about the herb is a great way to draw some traffic.

Of course, having popular subject material isn’t quite enough to make your blog stand out from the pack. You’ll need to follow these quick guidelines to get the traffic you deserve.

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Legal Weed: How to Get The Highest Traffic

1. Focus on Current Events in Legal Weed Culture

Let’s face it; a lot is going on in terms of marijuana legalization. But you can use this to your benefit.

Whether you’re interested in issues like the medicinal purposes of weed or the legal ramifications of Jeff Sessions’ proposed crackdown, there’s a lot to write about.

The trick here is to strike a balance between timeliness and timelessness. The latter simply means that a reader can come to your article later and your content is still relevant.

Take some time and jot down a few ideas that matter to you. After all, you created the blog for a reason, so there’s a good chance you care about the subject matter.

2. …But Don’t Forget to Take Your Readers Into Account

Your strongest content will likely come from issues closer to your heart. But it’s still important to realize that you’re writing for an audience.

Since you’re trying to gain more traffic, be sure to write about things that people care about. Skim your comments section and see what discussions are taking place.

These can be simple like how to make pot brownies or more complicated pieces like legal posts.

All that matters is that you create great content that resonates with your audience.

3. Make Your Content Readable

Of course, even if your content is extremely well-written, you’ll need to make it look good. While part of this will come down the line when we discuss your blog’s design, most of it will come from formatting.

Be sure that your blogs are broken up into small, readable paragraphs. This makes it easier for audiences to follow along.

Next, make sure that your post flows in an order that makes sense. It needs to make logical sense, especially if you’re focusing on lists and tutorials.

Finally, don’t forget to include images. Break up long blocks of text with an image now and then; it’ll keep readers engaged.

4. Implement Reviews

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your legal weed blog is by writing reviews. Research shows that people tend to do their research before buying a product and rely on reviews.

In fact, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. If you can build up a healthy review system, your readership should increase significantly.

5. Work on Your Website

Whether you’re using an existing blog or building one from scratch, every blog needs certain elements. Here’s a basic checklist of elements your blog should include:

  • Contact information
  • Links to your old posts
  • A simple menu system
  • A search bar
  • A site map
  • No empty or dead pages
  • A logo
  • Hi-res photos

Be sure to look at this helpful list of free blogging sites and pick the best one for you! With a little bit of work and technical know-how, your legal weed blog will have more readers than ever!