Why Your Law Firm Blogging Isn’t Drawing Traffic

law firm blogging

law firm bloggingSo you’ve decided to start a blog for your law firm. There are many great reasons to blog, including informing customers about your services and reaching potential clients.

However, it’s frustrating when you invest time on law firm blogging, but still don’t see the readership that you want.

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If your blog isn’t building an audience and driving traffic to your site, then it’s not a good investment of your time.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make your blog more engaging and improve its reach. Here are some ways to identify what’s going wrong in your blog, and how to make things right.

Promote Your Blog

Simply creating content and posting it on your website isn’t enough to drive readership to your blog.

Instead, it’s important to use avenues like email and social media to promote your blog content and entice readers.

Surveys show that close to 70% of American adults are on Facebook. This makes social media an effective place to share your blog content. Also, sharing on social media gives readers the opportunity to comment on and share your posts, which will further grow your network.

In addition to announcing new blog posts on social media, you should also make it easier for your readers to share content themselves.

For instance, you can consider adding “tweetable” sentences to your blog posts that readers can share with their followers.

Optimize Your Content

No matter how much you promote your blog, you will still struggle to generate readership if you’re not writing the right content.

Studies show that 51% of web traffic comes from organic searches. This makes it important to write you blogs with search engine optimization (SEO) so it’s easier for readers to find them.

One way to do this is to focus your blog on specific keywords and topics that your readers are interested in. For example, firms like DeSalvo Law have internal website pages specifically focused on nursing home abuse.

Start by researching keywords that are driving readers to your site. These keywords can serve as a foundation for blog posts that will rank highly on search engines.

For a legal blog, you should blog about topics that will be relevant to potential clients. Address legal subjects that clients would like to know more about. Then, make the case for why your firm is well-equipped to handle them.

Make Your Content Accessible

One of the most important things to do when writing a blog is to keep your audience in mind.

If the content is too complex, readers may struggle to engage with it.

Remember that you’re not writing a legal brief for other lawyers. You’re writing a blog for potential clients. For this reason, it must be written in language that non-attorneys will understand.

Also, avoid making blogs too text-heavy. A wall of text does not look inviting to a reader. Instead, include a combination of text, images, and graphics.

Make Your Law Firm Blogging A Success

With these tips in hand, you will be on your way to driving more traffic to your blog.

What strategies have you used to generate more readers for your law firm blogging? Let us know in the comments!