It’s Kind of a Big Deal: What Marketing Bloggers Need to Know About ABM


A small handful of blogs earn millions of dollars every month. On the other end of the spectrum are blogs that never earn a dime or clear just enough to cover hosting fees. 

While developing a million-dollar-plus blog isn’t realistic for everyone, it’s possible to build one that makes you a living. You can use traditional tactics like putting ads on your blog or advertising in newsletters to build your audience.

Or, you can delve into account based marketing. That probably leads you to the question, “What is account based marketing?”

Let’s jump in and take a quick look at ABM before we look at it’s relationship to blogging.

What Is ABM?

In simplest terms, account based marketing ignores the traditional approach of casting a wide net with marketing. Instead, you focus your marketing on a small handful of specific companies or accounts. In order for this to work, you must develop a very specific customer/company profile.

Let’s say your blog supports your freelance writing business. You decide that your ideal customer is a tech business with annual revenue of over $5 million. More specifically, it’s tech companies that specialize in medical technology.

Under the ABM model, you take it another step and single out a handful of companies that meet your criteria. Then, you only market to those companies.

Inbound Marketing

Good account based marketing relies heavily on inbound marketing. The driving principle behind inbound marketing is that customers hate interruptions. Instead, good marketing must draw in the right customers at the time when they actually need your product or service.

Inbound marketing depends on web-based content, such as blog posts, to deliver the right content to the right people. Your high-quality content, in theory, should turn high in any relevant keyword searches and attract eyes to your site. 

Blogging and ABM

Where does blogging fit into ABM?

Let’s go back and look at that hypothetical freelance blog. It must speak directly to the needs of medical tech companies.

For example, you could write posts about the challenges of writing about medical tech for lay audiences. Companies struggling with this problem will find your posts in searches.

You include links in the post to your services page and an article you wrote about medical tech for a lay audience. This encourages your ideal customers to contact you about writing for them.

Of course, blogging is only one part of the account based marketing approach. It also includes some highly-targeted account based advertising. Here is an opportunity to learn more about account based advertising.

Parting Thoughts on ABM

The ABM strategy hinges on focus. You must focus your ideal customer profile down to a hyper-specific set of features.

Once you know those features, you borrow heavily from inbound marketing to shape your content. You talk directly about those companies pain points with the implicit statement that you can solve one or more of them. 

It’s also important to understand that blogging is only one part of the strategy. It also uses account based advertising and even account based sales.

Looking for ways to make your account based blog posts more dynamic? Check out our post on converting your blog content in vlog content.