International Shipping Cost: 5 Strategies to Reduce It

International Shipping Cost

Did you know that about 90% of dry, non-bulk manufactured goods are shipped in ocean containers? This includes electronics, machine parts, paper, footwear, tires, scrap metal, and much more.

When you don’t have the funds to cover shipping costs, your business is going to face hard times. If you ship internationally, you’ll have higher costs to worry about.

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To cut down the international shipping cost you have, implement these five strategies.

1. Negotiate With Different Carriers

A lot of businesses will stick with the first international shipping cost they come across, but this is not recommended. Instead, try to negotiate the cost with different carriers.

You can talk to carriers over the phone or visit the offices for an in-person chat. Use the information you know about your packages to get the best bargain.

Keep in mind that the higher the shipping volume, the lower the price.

2. Weigh Packages

Shipping costs are higher for heavier packages unless you have flat-rate shipping. When you weigh your packages before shipping them out, you get a better idea of which boxes are costing you more.

This simple tactic can actually help you save on shipping because you can calculate your costs accurately. Once you know how much your packages weigh, you can cut down the dimensions as much as possible.

3. Use Carrier Boxes

Shipping expenses go up when you use boxes that aren’t from your carrier. To combat this issue, only use boxes and packaging that your chosen carrier provides.

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If you use your own boxes, you can help your business for branding purposes. However, if you are trying to save a few extra bucks, you should use carrier packaging.

4. Check for Discounted Supplies

Shipping fees are heavily based on the supplies you use. Luckily, carriers offer discounted supplies to small businesses and medium-sized businesses. Sometimes, you can find free packaging supplies too.

Another great tip for reducing the international shipping cost is to buy items in bulk. Poly mailers, bubble wrap, dunnage, and more are bulk purchases that can save you long-term money.

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5. Opt for Prepaid Shipping

One of the best shipping strategies we can note is to choose prepaid shipping. This means you opt for a lot of shipping labels at one time instead of paying for each one separately.

Prepaid shipping offers a discount that can reach up to 20%. For companies that weigh their own packages, this is a major benefit. When you know that same weight packages are shipped out at the same time, this is your best bet.

Prepaid shipping can also help with consolidation, shipping several individual orders together. Learn more about order consolidation now.

Reduce Your International Shipping Cost With These Tips

Your business international shipping cost will depend on the carrier you choose, the weight of the package, and the materials you need. If you want to reduce these costs, you’ll have to focus on these factors.

When you use the strategies listed in this guide, you’ll start saving money in no time.

For more advice on business shipping and more, check out the other posts on our blog.

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