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HTML5 Cheat Sheets

In this day and age, the more knowledge you possess the more power you can wield. With a blogging platform like WordPress and a full grasp of HTML language, the possibilities for you, my friend are endless.

Because you’re here to learn how to make a blog and create websites, I put together a simple yet powerful HTML 5 cheat sheet for beginners & advanced users, so anyone can easily reference. This HTML guide will tremendously help you expand your knowledge base on customizing your blog.

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HTML 5 Cheat Sheet Infographic

HTML5 Cheat Sheet PDFHere we have a complete and comprehensive HTML5 cheat sheet. What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re savvy in the “language of the internet” as it were, this will bring you an easy resource to reference codes you’ll need.

Attention WordPress users: WordPress Cheat Sheet: Your Source for Quick Tips

If you’re new to the concept, or you’ve stumbled into these hallowed halls by accident, read on to learn more about HTML5 and how you can utilize this cheat sheet to build your website and better your blog.

What is the Most Recent Version of HTML & When was it Released?

As I mentioned earlier, HTML is the coding and markup language of the internet. It is used to provide structure and presentation for your content on the World Wide Web. Every single website made has HTML ingrained within.

The purpose of HTML5 is to make the coding more user-friendly on both the human and computerized fronts.

Is HTML5 a Programming Language or Not?

Namely, the language is meant to be equally readable between humans and web browsers, computers, etc. This new version of the language responds to issues that arose as a result of features introduced in web browsers and web documents.

It is also designed to work as on cross-platform mobile applications. A lot of the new changes aim to make the new version more mobile and tablet friendly. A few noteworthy changes also come in the form of syntactic features:

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  • The new video, audio, and canvas elements help create better syntax, or order to the coding.
  • SVG or scalable vector graphics are now integrated.
  • Sections like article, header, and nav are new elements that allow content to be more structured and visually appealing.

Ultimately, these new features remove the need to resort to plugins or APIs to accomplish certain tasks. In short, it makes things easier for beginners and experts alike.

How Can I Learn HTML 5?

Seeing as how you’re learning another language, this can be a daunting task, but there are a number of resources as your disposal that will allow you to become familiar with this powerful method of website development.

I really love the work they do over at Treehouse – An interactive resource where you can learn how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business.

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Once you have an understanding of the processes and codes, the above cheat sheet will do wonders for you, since you can reference it constantly as a resource for codes.

As always, thanks for reading!

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