How to Use Adobe Spark to Make Eye-Catching Social Media Posts

Using Adobe Spark to Create a Logo

Did you know that 72% of adults in the United States use at least one social media platform? This makes social media a necessary platform to focus your marketing efforts on and not a mere side-step.

If you’re trying to gain followers on social media, you need quality content. A good way to do that is by using Adobe Spark to spice up your photos. But if you don’t have the experience, how can you do that?

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Don’t give up yet. We put together a guide on how to use Adobe Spark. Read on and learn what you need to know!

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a compendium of three mobile applications: Spark Post, Spark Pages, and Spark Video.

These help you make social media graphics, web pages, and video content. If you want to use it to put text animation on your post, try accessing their website.

How to Use Adobe Spark Posts

This guide focuses more on using Adobe Spark Post for your social media needs. Here are some steps you can follow to learn how to use Adobe Spark:

1. Tap Design to Customize

After starting this mobile app, you can select the picture you need to edit. Choose the design icon and pick from various designs listed within. Once tapping one, it adjusts to let you see whether it suits your preferences for the text and image.

The AI helps you change any design attributes whenever. Whether it’s the colors, text, or photos, you can update to a new design. That saves you the trouble of redoing them.

2. Tap the Plus Icon to Expand

You can go beyond one design since the plus icon allows you to add more elements. That means you can add more images, text, and icons. Its AI helps since it automatically finds a good spot for the newly-added element.

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3. Adjust Using the Layout

After adding elements to your image, you can adjust the layout using the layout options. Spark’s AI has suggestions depending on the number of items. Check how the new layouts look and pick the one that best fits your tastes.

4. Find the Right Colors

Besides the layout, Spark can suggest some colors that best fit your photo. Tap the colors icon and choose from a few options. You can also do it manually by changing an individual color inside a palette.

5. Add Special Effects

This is an option for the mobile app. Tap the effects option to make your photo into a video file. It adds effects like fading in text or making the photo transition from gray-scale to colored.

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6. Save and Resize

As the final step on this Adobe Spark tutorial, save your work by pressing the download icon. The app can format your picture to satisfy various social media network requirements. For example, Spark can format your photo to make it an optimized Instagram Photo or a Facebook cover.

Learn Adobe Spark Today

This concludes the tutorial on how to use Adobe Spark. Follow these simple steps and you’ll get more engagement and recognition on various social media platforms.

But why stop here when we have a lot more content for you to discover. Feel free to read more of our articles and get all the tips and tricks right now.

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