How to Stay on Top of a Blog Schedule So You Can Crush Your Blogging Goals

blog schedule

Blogging is one of those endeavors that’s misunderstood on a wide scale. When you tell someone you’re a blogger, they think you spend an hour a day sitting on a bean bag and tossing fluff onto a page. Talk about a major mischaracterization.

Whether you’re making your living as a blogger or using it as a supplemental project, the goal is the same. It’s all about producing consistent and desirable content, and that’s a time-consuming process.

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Tips to Maintain a Consistent Blog Schedule

Staying on a blog schedule is one of those “easier said than done” goals. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Plan Your Topics Ahead of Time

Sure, you want every blog post to be steeped in inspiration and passion so the words flow through you. At this point, you’ve already realized that this isn’t realistic.

If you wait for inspiration to hit, you could be waiting forever. Instead, take time every month or two to make a schedule of blog topics. That way, when you sit down to blog, you already have a starting point.

Any time you have a blog idea, jot it down. If you’re stuck, though, there are plenty of ways to find blog post ideas.

2. Schedule Blogging Appointments

A to-do list is great for people who don’t tend to procrastinate. If that’s not you, though, try scheduling blogging appointments with yourself. Instead of saying, “I have to write a blog this week,” say, “I’m writing a blog on Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm.”

Here’s the real key, though: keep your appointments. They should be just as rigid as a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting.

3. Find Your Focus

Sometimes the issue isn’t with getting started, it’s with staying focused long enough to complete a post. There are as many ways to stay focused as there are people on earth, so find out what works for you. Try these ideas to start:

  • Establish a designated blogging space, where all you do is blog
  • Try aromatherapy scents designed for focus
  • Experiment with what types of music help you stay on task, or find out if silence is the key for you
  • Go into a different room than all your electronic devices: phones, tablets, televisions, and more

These are a few tactics, but remember that it’s all about trial and error.

4. Have an Inspiration Folder

To write an effective blog post, you have to be in the right state of mind. Have a folder on your computer or a box in your workspace for this purpose. Looks for blogs that inspire you or pictures that set the tone you need. Collect a mass of inspirational pieces whenever you find them so you can pull them as needed.

Keeping Your Blog on Track

Blogging is one of those fields in which quantity and quality are both vital. You could have beautiful blog posts but if you’re only posting every three months, you’ll lose your readers’ interest and your SEO will suffer.

The strategies above can help you maintain a consistent and effective blog schedule. For more great advice, check out our tips for bloggers.