How to Start a Network Marketing Blog

network marketing blog

There will be over 31 million bloggers in 2020.

Anyone can start a blog these days. Blogs particularly offer all professionals and business owners an effective means of engaging with customers and promoting products.

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In fact, a blog can be your key to leveraging your network marketing experience, driving traffic to your site, and boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance.

Perhaps you’ve thought about launching a network marketing blog but simply aren’t sure where to start.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing network marketing blog topics and more!

1. Know Your Intentions

Prior to creating any blog, it’s essential to devise a strategy for your blogging efforts. A blog, after all, is a marketing tool at its heart.

As a network marketer, you’re already savvy when it comes to advertising goals and strategizing. Now is the chance to take that experience and apply it to your own endeavors.

A blog can serve many purposes in the field of network marketing. It can leverage the products that you advocate with the intention of driving conversions.

It can also educate your readers, giving them valuable insight into what you and your business are all about.

A lot of bloggers share blog posts on social media platforms and in e-newsletters.

A key aspect of blogging strategy involves identifying a target audience–just like any marketing campaign! Know who you want your readership to be before jumping in.

Identify your blogging intentions prior to crafting a blog. Knowing your intentions can help you choose a platform, design, and format that’s ideal for your needs and suitable for your readership.

2. Choose a Platform

Now that you have a sense of what you want to do with your network marketing blog, it’s time to select a platform.

You may already have a website in place. If this is the case, simply add a blog via your site’s interface. This is relatively easy if you rely on a hosting platform with high capability already.

If you don’t already have a website, there are tons of free blogging platforms and websites at your disposal to choose from.

WordPress, for example, powers nearly a third of the entire internet. It offers bloggers a user-friendly and powerful way to begin sharing their content with the world.

Choose a platform that suits your needs. Maybe you’re looking for something that’s super user-friendly, as you don’t have an extensive background in coding.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something you can bring your technical skills to.

Whatever the case, spend some time researching platforms ideal for multi-level marketing blogs.

Once you’ve chosen your platform, choose a domain name that reflects your personal brand. This may simply be your name (i.e., “tomsmithmarketing”) or a catchphrase associated with your work.

3. Spend Time With Design

Much like a social media or magazine ad, the design is everything when it comes to building and retaining a blog readership.

After you’ve chosen your network marketing blog platform, it’s time to choose a design that will resonate with your content.

As a network marketer, you likely already have an eye for design and its role in influencing consumer response. Use this knowledge to your advantage when browsing templates and graphic design elements.

At the end of the day, an accessible and professional design is always a safe bet. Choose a template that is easy to navigate and reflects your own values as a marketer.

Depending on the blogging platform you’ve chosen, you may be able to upgrade your account so that you can access higher-level templates and more.

4. Craft Relevant Content

Content really is king when it comes to the world of blogging. As you start building your blog, choose network marketing blog topics that align with your blog’s intentions.

Blog posts should always be relevant, well-written, and useful for your readers.

If you’re struggling to come up with relevant content, you can never go wrong with informative posts. Also known as “how-to” or “tutorial” posts, these provide consumers with valuable advice related to your industry.

You may want to write your first blog post about “how to get started in network marketing.”

Other great content ideas involve argumentative pieces about the industry, interviews with prominent marketers, and personal posts detailing your experience in the field.

If you regularly market certain goods or services, you can also generate posts that compare product models and traits.

Aim to generate posts between 500 and 1500 words, and do your best to create at least one or two posts a week.

5. Leverage Your Blog

The best way to get people talking about your network marketing blog is to advertise it to the world! After all, marketing is what you do best.

You can leverage your blog in countless ways. One place you can start is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing blog content can earn you higher digital visibility and blog traffic.

Choose a distinct keyword for every post you craft, and make sure to use it in the page and post titles, introductions, conclusions, and body. Derive keywords that are relevant to your industry and likely to claim clicks.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to come up with some trending keywords.

Include internal links in every blog post to build your post’s integrity and leverage your Google ranking.

If you have a social media profile, share new blog posts regularly on your account. The same goes for e-newsletters and other consumer communications.

Once you do get some serious blog traffic, stay on top of data so that you know where it’s coming from and what to do with it. We also recommend Yoobly as a great resource for attracting clients and nurturing leads.

Starting Your Network Marketing Blog

Multi-level marketing blogs give readers valuable insight into the industry. They can also talk up products and build personal brands.

When starting your network marketing blog, make sure you identify your motivations for doing so beforehand. Keep these in mind as you select a platform, design, and content.

Stay active on your blog and be sure to leverage individual posts.

On Blast Blog is here to help you launch your blog today. Interested in learning more about what you should keep in mind before starting any blog? Keep reading for insight.