How to Start a Mommy Blog That Makes Money

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Are you a mommy looking for a creative outlet? Looking to share your experiences with other moms on the internet? Did you know that mom blogs make money?

More than a third of parents look to the internet for parenting tips. Over 90% of them found online sources helpful. Want to add your helpful contribution to the parenting community online?

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Don’t fret if you don’t know how to start a mommy blog. Simply follow our starter’s guide below.

Not only that, we’ll tell you how you can get income from writing a blog. Read on for more.

1. What You Need Before You Monetize

Before you look to earn from your blog, you need to be sure that it can generate enough visits daily. Is there enough traffic to establish a following or base? You should then be able to determine the worth of your blog.

If you want to make working from home a successful venture, establish a thriving blog first. Small bloggers could have as few as a couple of thousand loyal followers. You don’t need to have a million people behind you right away.

To be able to see how well your blog is doing, install Google Analytics on your computer. It will measure and check how often visitors come to your blog site. It will also give you reports on what people are looking for most on your site.

2. How to Start a Mommy Blog

This all begins with the creation of a blog site. You’ll need to get your domain name, hosting provider, and platform. There are some blogging platforms that offer domain name and hosting services.

After you establish your blog site, pick a design for it. Most blogging platforms have pre-made design templates for users to choose from.

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You know you want to write a mom blog but sometimes that isn’t enough to create a following. Ask yourself who your target readers are. Focus on writing blog posts that will be relatable to them.

Be creative with what you write by adding a catchy title and hook for your blog. You can include your own photos or take some free stock photos from the internet. When you show off your mommy hack with a home photo, make sure to follow proper photography practices for the best photo quality.

When people comment on your posts, be cordial and respond to them. We’re not saying you should give responses to all the comments they post. Some comments don’t need replies and some can have words of thanks for replies.

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Don’t be afraid to reach out to other mom blogs. You can ask them in private messages for tips on writing. You can also offer to write collaborations with them for a fun joint experience.

Now, let’s move on to the topic of how to monetize a blog.

3. Monetizing Your Blog with Ads

One of the many ways stay-at-home mom blogs make money is through advertising. By this, we mean you will allow ads pop up on your pages. There are two types of ads that can run on your blog: contextual ads and private ads.

You remember the colorful banners and box you see on almost every website? Those are contextual ads. They make money for you every time a visitor clicks on the banner or text box.

Contextual advertising can earn you a lot if your following is large enough. To earn money with contextual ads, sign up for an account with your platform. Create an ad unit for your blog.

The best contextual ad options for beginners are Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads, and Bing. When your blogsite grows, you can sign up for premier advertising options. These have traffic requirements and include AdThrive, Meredith, and The Blogger Network.

Private Ads give you more control over your price and who works with you. As you’re a mommy blogger, you may want to look for companies who target mommy readers. Send these companies emails about your blog name, domain, and traffic statistics.

Don’t forget to let them know you want to work with them. Also, you get to decide your ad rates so include that in your email. Private advertising is great for bloggers in a defined niche, whether the traffic is high or low.

4. Earn by Offering Products or Services

Everyone has brands they prefer to use or consume. When you write mommy blog posts, you can mention a few brands you like. Or, you can profit through affiliate marketing.

For example, you, a mommy blogger, create well-written articles about your baby’s happy bath time. Every time you mention the baby bath product, make a link to the product from Amazon. Each time someone buys the product through your link, you make money.

You get started with affiliate marketing by applying for affiliate programs. Get a link for the product you will promote in your blog. Take a keyword from the blog post and link it to the product.

Amazon has an excellent affiliate program and it’s quite easy for stay-at-home moms to get into.

Sponsored posts are another way to earn money through your mom blog. Compared to affiliate marketing, sponsor companies compensate you for writing about them. It can be through a product review, testimonial, or mention.

You have control over the pricing here so consider your creation time. If you want, take free products as payment. Sign up for several companies and grab what opportunities come your way.

Another option is to sell an informational product. You could write eBooks, online courses, or webinar series. This is a technique that creates passive income and is great for bloggers with a decent customer base.

5. Make Money with Referral Credit

Last but not least: your mommy blog can be monetized by promoting brands or companies that have referral programs. Instead of getting paid, you earn store credit when you refer a friend or client. You can buy items with this credit instead of money.

Hundreds of sites offer referral bonuses. Sign up for a referral program and use their unique referral URL to collect referrals.

In fact, 46% of millennial moms trust other parents for their recommendations. This compares to 39% of generation X moms. 

Enjoy and Earn from Your Mommy Blog

So now you know the basics of how to start a mommy blog and profit from it.

Remember to stay real and creative. With this blog, you can share more than mommy hacks, mom jokes, or mom stories. Connect with other moms out there and inspire the community.

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