How to Start a Blog for Your Business

how to start a blog

With more than 2 million blog posts being put on the internet every day, it might seem impossibly competitive to write a blog for your business.

Thankfully, if you focus tightly on your market, you have a good shot at building a following quickly. If you don’t know how to start a blog, you should first know that it’s easy.

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Blogs give you the opportunity to connect with your audience and share information, all while helping your business rank highly on search engines. Search engines rank highly any site that publishes often. If you can find the time to post once a day, you could see traffic to your site balloon quickly.

If the only thing keeping you from starting a blog is not knowing how to start a blog, it’s time to get over this hurdle. Here are the first 5 steps to get a blog started for your business.

1. Decide On Your Audience

If you’re running a successful business, you probably already have an idea of who your audience is. Saying your audience is “everyone” is a great way to fail. Just like your product, there’s an ideal person who your products work perfectly for.

Whether it’s 30-39-year-olds in Northwest Indiana or anyone who’s ever been struck by lightning, there’s a way to focus tightly on your ideal audience. Remember that your product’s audience might not be the same as your reading audience. Think about not only who uses your products, but which customers like to learn about them as well.

2. Choose On Your Format

You’re going to need a web host and a way to design your blog. If you’re not a designer or developer by trade, you might want to use something like Wix, Blogger, SquareSpace, or Tumblr.

Find a product that can host, help you design, and where you can buy your domain name from. A one size fits all solution is great for a first time blogger.

3. Figure Out Your Design

Your design should match the design of your products in color, typeface, and in spirit. You’ve built a sort of vibe around the type of product you are and the type of customer you serve. Make sure your design caters to your main audience,.

4. Pick A Writer

If you’re a strong writer then you’re the obvious choice. You could also use a few extra guest bloggers. Ask people on your staff, hire through craigslist, or just visit sites you like and cold call writers you enjoy to write for your site.

5. Decide On Your Schedule

The more frequently you post, the more traffic you’ll get, and the more leads you’ll gather for your business. Posting every day is a great goal, but it’s unlikely that you’ll keep that promise. Start with a bi-weekly posting schedule, see how you like it, and adjust accordingly.

Use a production spreadsheet template when you first start out so that you can set your own writing schedule and stick to it.

Every Professional Needs To Know How To Start A Blog

Having your blog allows your customer base to get into contact with you directly. This makes you seem human and will build trust with your audience. Over time, reveal a little bit of who you are and you’ll see that your clients will respond positively.

If you’re looking for ways to promote your blog, contact us to make sure your words get in front of all of the most important readers in your sales funnel.