How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

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Over one billion people visit Instagram each month worldwide. That’s a lot of potential blog subscribers.

Not all of those people are interested in your blog, of course, but if you follow some simple tips to promote your blog on Instagram, you’ll attract the right audience. 

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Is Instagram the Right Place to Promote Your Blog?

Instagram is a visual platform, meaning eye-catching photos and short bursts of text make the best posts. 

While use among older adults is growing, it’s still most popular among younger generations (71% of Instagram users are under 35.) 

These are factors to consider if you blog about travel for seniors or retirement, for example. 

Instagram is a great place to stay relevant, though, even if your target audience doesn’t exactly fit the Instagram demographic.

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Brand Cohesion

Your Instagram page should reflect your blog in tone, theme, and color. 

Your profile photo and biography are the first stop for visitors and should be catchy and clear. Include a link to your blog in the bio, with a short and descriptive phrase that entices and makes them want to read more. 

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The best branded Instagram pages keep a consistent tone throughout. You can choose a filter when you post photos, and if you do, stick to the same one. Muted or bright, black and white, it’s up to you, but keep it consistent. The uniformity is pleasing to the eye and creates an overall look that people will expect from your brand. 

Content Matters

Creating great content on Instagram is easy if you know what keeps people engaged.

  • Plan your posting schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s twice a week or three times a day, decide up front how often to post. You’ll attract more followers with an active page and keep your current followers interested with regular posts. 
  • Utilize video. Keep them fun or informative (or better yet, both) and short (the maximum length allowed is 60 seconds). They’re a unique way to update your followers, show them a slice of life, take them behind the scenes, or make a big announcement.
  • Does your blog feature guest posts? Profile your guest author, entice with one of their quotes, or give them a shout out. It shows your blog is a part of the larger conversation and open to new ideas.
  • Blog post teasers. Create a graphic with an interesting question, hook, or the title of a blog post, and in the comments suggest followers click the link in your bio to read more.
  • Giveaways. If you write a travel blog, for example, you might say, “click on the link in my bio and subscribe to be entered to win a curated collection of travel-sized toiletries.” Include a great photo. The prize can be anything from your service or product to an Amazon gift card.
  • Use hashtags. Don’t overload your post with tons of generic hashtags, but consistently using thoughtful hashtags is a great way to increase your blog reach.
  • Be active on Instagram. Follow other bloggers and comment positively on their posts, they will often return the favor. Post regularly and respond to comments left by your followers. Stay a part of the conversation and your blog will attract interest. 

Don’t Blog into a Void

You write a blog because you want people to read it, so stay tuned for more ideas on how to develop and promote your blog to gain more traffic. 

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