How to Optimize Pay-Per-Click Advertising


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While a well-planned content marketing strategy can work great in the long-term, it’s not always a good choice for businesses who need to get new customers quickly. This is where PPC comes in. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be incredibly valuable for any business that wants to get new customers and leads quickly and in a cost-effective way.

However, if you’ve decided to launch a PPC advertising campaign, you need to make sure that you optimize it to perfection. You need to improve your conversion rates and ensure it’s getting your business consistent results.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Below we’ll tell you how you can optimize your PPC advertising campaign.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

The first key to having a great PPC campaign is to make sure you’re choosing the best keywords possible. While you should be using a variety of keywords, you should also make sure that all of them are relevant to your ad.

Believe it or not, Google takes note of whether your keywords are relevant and if your ads are repeatedly being shown to people who aren’t interested, it could hurt your PPC success. Using relevant keywords will improve your keyword quality score and ensure that Google continues to give your ads priority.

If you notice that a particular keyword has a lot of impressions but isn’t converting you may want to remove it.

2. Add Negative Keywords

In addition to using normal keywords, one of the most important things you can do to improve your advertising campaign is to make use of negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that you don’t want your ad to be shown for in search results. You can also use negative keywords across the Google display network as well.

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Adding negative keywords can be a great way to guide Google to make sure it’s showing your ads to relevant people and increasing your conversion rates.

If there are words that are associated with the keywords you’re targeting, but that isn’t actually relevant to your products or services, you’ll want to put these on the negative keywords list. This will help ensure that your ads aren’t showing for these search queries.

3. Improve Your Targeting

One of the greatest things about using PPC advertising is that you can make use of some serious audience segmentation and targeting features to reach exactly the type of person that you want.

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Using the tools on Google AdWords, for example, you’ll be able to easily target users based on their interests or the types of content they’ve viewed in the past.

In addition to this, you can also use geotargeting features to choose where your ideal audience is located, whether that is a city, a state, or a country. This can be invaluable if you’re a local business attempting to get more customers into your physical business location.

4. Perfect Your Landing Page 

When trying to improve the results of your PPC campaign, you need to take your landing page into consideration as well.

When running a PPC campaign, it’s ideal to have a great landing page that leads people tot to take a specific action. If this landing page isn’t optimized then you may not be getting the results you should be, even if the ad itself is great.

Make sure that you take the time to improve this landing page using A/B testing and ensure that the copy is topnotch. You may want to visit this page to learn more about how you can go about perfecting your landing page.

5. Test Different Ad Extensions

It’s also important to make use of ad extensions when improving your Google AdWords campaign. Different ad extensions are available for PPC ads, but you need to make sure you’re testing them to find out which ones are the perfect fit for your ads.

Whether you’re using snippets in your ads which include your location and contact information, more information about your offer, or links to more pages on your site, and extensions can be a great tool to pique interest in your goods and services.

Make sure you do a bit of testing to find out which ones are the most effective for your campaign, so you should try them all to see what is most effective for your ad campaigns.

6. Allocate Your Budget

To make the most of PPC advertising, it’s also important to pay attention to your budget and optimize your pricing strategies. 

After testing different ads and placements, you should start to get an idea of which ones are the most effective. It’s important that you start allocating your money to the highest converting ads if you want to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. 

Choosing the right keywords can also affect your budget as well. Some keywords will cost more for you to target with your ad than others will. As a result, choosing the right keywords can make your ad campaign much more cost-effective.

7. Try Remarketing

One of the best types of PPC ads you can use are remarketing ads. Make sure you give these a try if you want your business to get more results with online advertising.

Remarketing is when an ad is shown to someone who has clicked on an ad previously or who has visited or your site or interacted with your business in some other way.

In business, it’s often better to market to people who are already familiar with your business rather than to people who have never heard about you before. As a result, remarketing can be very effective for advertising online and will usually have higher conversion rates than other types of ads.

Optimizing an Advertising Campaign Using These Tips

Optimizing an advertising campaign can take a lot of work but it’s usually well worth it in the end. With a few simple tweaks, you’ll be able to improve the effectiveness of your ad and will ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck when advertising online.

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