How to Name a Podcast

Imagine coming up with the perfect concept for a podcast but not having a good name for it. Before you move further with your idea, you should learn how to name a podcast.

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That way, you can make sure you choose a memorable name to help your podcast stand out.

Here’s what you should consider when naming your new project.

Keep It Short

When coming up with a podcast name, keep your ideas short. A shorter title will be helpful for listeners to remember, so they may be more likely to tell their friends about it.

Listeners will also have a better time finding the podcast later if they don’t save your episodes or follow your social accounts. You don’t need to make the name a single word.

However, it should be five words or less so that it’s easy to find and easy for you and listeners to talk about.

Include Keywords

When deciding how to name a podcast, consider using keywords. Think about the overarching podcast topic, such as parenting, food, or music.

Try to include that main keyword somewhere in your podcast name. For example, you might name a podcast something like “Favorite Foods With Jane Doe,” if you talk about foods with your guests.

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That way, people who want to listen to food-related podcasts may see yours in their search results. Keywords can help you get more visibility, which is essential in the beginning of podcasting.

Brainstorm and Test a Few Names

Another thing you should do is come up with a few potential names for your podcast. Then, you can test the names with people in your target audience to see which name they like.

If you don’t have access to an audience, consider asking podcast agencies for help. They may connect you with other podcasters who could run a poll for you.

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Alternatively, you could run a poll on your social media if you do have an audience. But that works best if your followers are the type of people who would listen to your podcast.

Make It Unique

When figuring out how to name a podcast, you may look at existing podcasts for ideas. That can help you narrow your list of names, but it can also help you avoid copying another person.

If you name your podcast something too similar to another, it can be confusing for listeners. You’d need to work harder to set your podcast apart, and you could still accidentally drive listeners to your competition.

Finding a unique name also means there’s a better chance you can buy the domain for it. Then, you can set up a website, and you can also get the social media handles with your podcast name.

Do You Know How to Name a Podcast?

Deciding how to name a podcast is a big decision, and it can make or break your success. Be sure to keep the name short and use keywords related to your niche.

Then, you can brainstorm a few ideas to see which may be the most successful. By the time you’re ready to launch your podcast, you can have the marketing materials and logo ready to go.

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