How to Monetize Your Food Blog

Monetizing Food Blog

Over 409 million people are reading more than 23.7 billion blog pages every month. For many people, blogging is worth the investment, too. In fact, many people who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment.

Are you trying to make money with your food blog? It’s time to stir things up!

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Keep reading to discover how to make money food blogging. By learning how to monetize your food blog, you can start rolling in some extra dough! Make a little extra cash with these blog monetization tips!

1. Mix It Up With Memberships

One easy way to start making money on your food blog is to create exclusive content only accessible to members. A membership program will allow you to bring in a recurring source of income. 

You can offer different forms of exclusive content for your members, including video tutorials or monthly cookbooks. What can you offer your readers on top of the content you’re already creating?

Think about the extras your readers are asking for from your blog. For example, they might want you to start creating food plans.

When you first start a food blog, make sure to consider a niche in mind. Are you focusing on a single type of cuisine? Maybe you want to offer weight loss tips or recipes for a specific type of diet, like keto.

Focusing on a niche will help you attract a specific target audience.

You’re more likely to sell your target audience on a membership if you’re appealing to their specific needs. For example, let’s say a new dieting trend is popping up in the mood industry. You can focus on providing content specific to that trend before any other food blog.

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Then, customers will have to come to you for the content they need. As a result, people are more likely to become members on your site, allowing you to generate a source of income. 

2. Dice in Digital Cookbooks

After creating content on your food review blog for a while, you might have enough to start a cookbook. Offering a digital or physical cookbook for sale is a great source of income.

Let your readers know that they can find exclusive recipes in your ebook. Let them know these recipes aren’t posted anywhere else on your blog.

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That way, you’re giving your audience helpful content they can’t find anywhere else.

In order to access these recipes, they’ll need to purchase your ebook. 

When you start marketing your cookbook, make sure to highlight the value it offers. For example, maybe you’re focusing on recipes people can make on a budget. Maybe your recipes are ideal for a long-term weight loss program.

Either way, focusing on the benefit of purchasing your cookbook will help you boost sales.

Offering an ebook is also a great way for you to gather leads for email marketing.

When people request to purchase your cookbook, make sure to gather contact information, including their email address. Then, you can send them future ebooks or exclusive content offers through email marketing. As a result, email marketing will give you another opportunity to generate an income from your blog. 

3. Appetize on Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you’ll promote someone else’s product on your blog. If the product sells, you’ll receive a commission.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll have complete control over what you choose to advertise. That way, you can make sure the products you’re promoting fit your reader’s needs. Choosing products that appeal to your readers will help you boost sales.

You also don’t have to create products with affiliate marketing. Instead, someone else is handling that step for you.

You can get started by using Amazon’s affiliate program or finding a company looking for affiliates online. 

4. Dish Up Display Advertising

Display ads (also called banner and native ads) are an easy way for anyone to discover how to make money food blogging.

With display ads, it’s all passive. Once the ads are set up on your blog, you don’t have to do a thing! Instead, you’ll just need to wait for readers to click on your ads.

However, you’ll need to generate a lot of traffic to your food blog in order to earn money with display ads. The less traffic you attract, the less money you’ll make.

5. Mince In Video Advertising

Video ads are similar to display ads. Each time someone views your video ad, you have the chance to generate a small amount of income. There are different video ads you can use, too, such as pre-roll ads or hover-over ads.

If you’re using video marketing on your food blog, this is a great way to attract an audience and keep them engaged.

If you’re not interested in video ads, consider hosting a webinar or virtual summit instead.

Virtual summits allow you to lend your expertise and authority to your audience. However, it takes a lot of work. A webinar will only require you to present, while a summit involves multiple videos and numerous presenters.

You can either have people pay for access or offer free admission. If you choose the latter, use product offerings and affiliate links in order to make money from your blog.

6. Flambe With Freelance Writing

Are people starting to recognize the expertise you have to offer? You might want to consider becoming a contributor to other healthy food blogs, then! As a contributor, you can grow your exposure and brand awareness through someone else’s blog.

Many blogs will pay for contributing writers. They might even let you link to your website, allowing you to gather new readers.

If you plan on freelancing, make sure to highlight your niche area of expertise.

That way, you can gain a reputation and build credibility for that niche topic.

7. Cut In Online Cooking Courses

Once you learn how to start a successful blog, people will begin to visit your website more to learn from your expertise. You can generate an income by providing your expertise through online cooking courses, too. Some food bloggers even visit clients in person for an at-home cooking lesson. 

Whether you record your lessons or teach in person, charging for your online cooking courses is a great way to bring in extra money.  

Try adding video content to your food blog, too. Embedding a video on your website could increase conversion rates by 80%.

8. Stir In Sponsorships

Do you know a brand that seems like a good fit for your readers? Offer them a sponsorship post. With sponsorships, a company will pay you to write a blog post supporting their product.

Then, you can publish and promote the post on your blog. The brand gets the chance to leverage your existing audience and the brand trust you’ve already created. At the same time, you’re offering readers with a product or service that can benefit their lifestyle.  

Feast on Success: 8 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog

Ready to feast on newfound success with your food blog? Stir these eight ways to monetize your blog into your content creation strategy! With these tips, you can make a little extra cash and roll in that dough!

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