How to Monetize a Sports Blog for the Win

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Do you love watching or participating in sports? Are you an expert on anything related to your favorite team? Or maybe you own a business that sells sports gear?

No matter where your passion for sports is focused, sharing that passion with others through sports blogs can be a rewarding, and potentially profitable, choice.

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If you’re thinking about starting sports blogs and hoping to make a little money while doing it, keep reading to learn all about how to monetize your blog!

Start with a Great Blog Base

Before you can start making money from sports blogs, you have to create them.

You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars paying a web designer to build your site. Or, you could create your own awesome blog, with a little bit of help.

Start by choosing your domain name. Your name should not only be relevant to your blog’s topic, so that web surfers can find you, but also something catchy to help your blog stand out.

You can use Google’s Domain service to search for available domains. Or, go straight to the site that you plan to use for hosting, and search and buy your domain all in one place. If you sign up for hosting through Blue Host, you’ll even get your domain for free!

Once you’ve picked your domain and chosen your host, it’s time to start building your blog.

Downloading a blogging platform like WordPress will make building a blog simple. Their easy format and pre-designed templates will help guide you through the whole process with ease, no coding skills required.

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Add Some Killer Content

Now that you’ve built it, it’s time to start filling your sports blogs with awesome content.

From blog posts that you write yourself, to sharing news stories or game updates, to creating video content, your options are endless.

Successful sports blogs will have a mix of content to keep visitors to your site interested.

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Recap the highlights of a game or your projections for a team with a weekly or biweekly blog post. Or, cash in on the success of videos for online marketing with an awesome web episode or short video segment.

Monetize It

Now that you’ve built your blog and started filling it with content, it’s time to make some money.

There are several ways that you can do this.

You could add advertisements to your site through Google or other providers. These display banner ads on your site, and you get paid either when they get clicked or when one of your web visitors buys a product from them.

You could offer affiliate links for Amazon. Or, you could partner with an individual company to offer affiliate links. These pay you when one of your web surfers buy the product or service you are advertising for.

If you already own a sports-related business, like Bridge Street Ski Haus, you can also make money from your site by selling your products and services online.

Create Your Own Sports Blogs and Start Making Money Today!

Creating a sports blog can be a great way to share your passion and make some extra money.

If you love all things sports or want to grow your business, click here to start building your own website today!

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