How to Market a Sporting Goods Business

Sporting Goods Products

After starting your sporting goods business, you’ve fast come to realize that it’s one of the most competitive industries out there. You need to figure out how to make your mark and stand out soon so you can finally get your business to the level you dream of.

How do you achieve this, though?

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You need to use the right marketing strategies to get the business off the ground and soaring globally. At this point, digital marketing is indispensable for sports retailers. With the right marketing tactics, it will serve more just a supplement to traditional marketing.

With clever marketing strategies, you’ll not only grow your brand but also maintain your image.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide on the most effective sports goods marketing strategies.

Start by Understanding Your Target Audience

Every product in your sports store serves a unique audience, and you need proper market research to reach that audience. The demographics of your target markets should matter to you because it’ll impact your ROI.

Get to know their age, interests, income, and everything else that could give you a clear description of what they need from you and how to reach them. With all that information, you need to reach your target audience through the best possible channels.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but don’t stop there.

Advertise your sporting goods business through YouTube and blog posts, which is more effective in getting your name out there. The trick here is to experiment and discover what channels work best for your sporting goods business.

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Contextualize Your Customers

Context is everything when it comes to the sporting goods industry.

You see, you need to understand that not all activities are suitable for all seasons. Different customers in different locations are also going through different seasons.

For instance, while people in Montana may be skiing in winter, the same can’t be said about the people in Florida who don’t even experience snow.

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The thing is, you need to make the most of your sports marketing strategies.

Consider the geographical location, the climate in that area, and the interests of your customers. Take advantage of customer purchase history and personalize your email marketing strategies.

Master Mobile Marketing

Average Americans check their phones approximately 96 times per day.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become so sophisticated that people rely on them for a lot more things. This includes searching for products and services, participating in loyalty programs, and promoting brands on social media platforms.

Mobile devices have become a crucial part of business marketing strategies because they are integrated into most aspects of consumer lives.

Brand related athletics are important, especially when it comes to fitness apps. You don’t have to create a fitness app yourself, although this is also an incredible idea. However, you need to incorporate mobile strategies in your marketing tactics to enhance the customer experience.

Don’t Forget Comparisons

When it comes to purchasing sportswear and equipment, the experience can be overwhelming for most. You see, a lot of these products seem similar, and most consumers can’t tell the difference, or the reason why one may be more expensive than the other, despite the similarities.

What gives all the snowboards in your shop their differences? How do beginners and experts shop?

You need to take a step further and offer something better than just the standard comparison chart. You need to personalize comparison experiences and make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions.

For your digital consumers, offer a little more than just “others who liked this also liked” message. Show those products in detail, how they compare to the products they are considering, and why it may be a better choice.

Leverage Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO and SEM are two of the most important marketing strategies for online stores, and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

SEO will help rank your business website on the first page of the search engine, where most customers reach. You’ve probably heard that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google, right?

While this may seem funny, most consumers never go past the first result page of Google, only clicking on the first results. This is exactly where you need to be, and you need SEO to get you there. You can achieve this through organic or paid SEO, but you need to get it done.

Make Social Media Your Friend

Social media is the “it thing” for marketers right now, and for very good reasons. Consumers spend a lot of their time on social media, making it an incredible way to reach your target audience with ease.

One of the major benefits of social media marketing is that you get to interact with your audience on a personal level. You’ll get their feedback and understand what they need.

Social media is one of the best places to catch their attention, keep them engaged, and convert them from followers to loyal brand customers.

The next best thing is that your customers can share your content with their friends and bring in even more customers. Take advantage of this and throw in contests, promotions, discounts, early, and exclusive sales to make them eager to be in your network.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is hands down one of the most effective strategies out there for most businesses.

You’ll have an opportunity to personalize messages depending on the data you collect about your customers. You can offer discounts, promos, and the latest offers depending on their needs.

It’s easy to keep loyal customers interested and coming back for more. However, you need to be clever with this and make it worthwhile for your customers. They need to feel as if subscribing to your newsletter is a wise decision.

Take Strike Industries, for instance, when customers subscribe to their email list, they get exclusive deals.

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing and how it took the marketing world by storm.

Affiliate marketing is a unique marketing strategy in the sense that it works as a distribution system. You spread out the responsibility of promoting your products and making impressions with third parties in exchange for a fee.

As a sporting goods business, you are the vendor who provides the products. The affiliate is the publisher or business that advertises your products.

When consumers purchase your products through the affiliate, you pay an agreed commission. This is an effective strategy as you can have several affiliated promoting your products.

You need to have high-quality affiliates with authority websites to ensure that their followers not only see your products but are actually interested in purchasing them.

Consider Partnerships and Sponsorships

As a brand, you need to build partnerships to scale your promotions. Align with sports teams to reach your objectives and consider sponsorships as well. Sponsorships are actually an incredible marketing strategy because they tend to generate quality brand awareness.

Just imagine your brand on a sports team jersey. It will go beyond creating brand awareness and credibility for your business. It has the potential to turn a small local sporting goods store into a household name.

Of course, you can also sponsor a local team, which will put you out there and grow your local business.

Leverage on the Power of Video

With video being the number one media used in content strategy in 2019, it’s easy to understand why you should not ignore it. People are able to process video content much faster than written text, which makes it more favorable.

Beyond that, videos are easier to share, which means you’ll get a wider reach and gain exposure.

Online videos account for a large amount of mobile traffic, and as long as you ensure it’s relevant to your target audience, you’ll win big.

Video is the one medium that will show the excitement and energy of sports. Take advantage of it to show product tutorials and explainer videos about how different sports equipment works. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies to get your business out there and help your customers with everything they need.

Don’t Forget the Older Audience

Even though the world has gone digital, and most businesses are giving importance to digital marketing strategies, don’t disregard the older generation.

There is so much untapped potential found in the older generation than you may initially think. Most sporting goods businesses are geared towards the younger generation since it has more active members.

Still, try to reach the older generation. Promote the products that encourage sports activities, especially those they can participate with their kids or grandchildren. You’ll be surprised at how much the baby boomers are willing to spend.

Marketing Your Sporting Goods Business

These are some of the top marketing strategies for your sporting goods business. Learn to deliver the best customer experience and tailor your strategies to your types of business and your target market.

Consider your expertise, whether you have to hire professional marketers, and your budget before you decide on which marketing strategies to give first priority.

Have you found this information helpful? Would you like to know more? How about you peruse our website where we have more in-depth and insightful posts?

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