How to Manage Your Team During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Videoconferencing for Work

According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 45% of American adults say the coronavirus pandemic has affected their mental health.

COVID-19 isn’t only affecting everybody’s daily lives with lockdown restrictions, it is also affecting the economy, unemployment rates, and people’s mental health.

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If your business is still operating, it’s very likely you and your colleagues are working at home. This is also posing new challenges for employees, businesses, and managers. Keep reading to find out how to manage your team during the pandemic. 

How to Manage People in Your Team

Managing people can be difficult at the best of times, but throw into the mix the uncertainty of coronavirus and you might have a recipe for disaster.

It doesn’t need to be this way. We’ve compiled the best tips for management to help you and your team get through remote working and COVID-19.

1. Create Effective Communication Methods

An absolute must during COVID-19 and working at home is to have effective communication methods. Think about formal and informal communication for your team.

Set up informal communication methods for your team to communicate. This might include group chats for them to discuss the workday or to have fun chats (like they would do during their coffee breaks). Enabling informal communication can help to keep your team motivated and productive. 

You also need to set up formal communication methods that are easy to use. Think about the size of your team and the purpose of these meetings. You might find that you need daily meetings, so finding an unlimited conference call tool will be more effective and help cut costs in the long run.

2. Empathize with Your Team

Due to current circumstances, the best management advice is to empathize with your team.

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Some employees might have children to look after, while others may be struggling with their mental health during the pandemic. There’s no denying that life has changed and as a manager, you need to be sympathetic.

Be kind to your employees and allow them to have time off if they need it. You might also want to make yourself available if your team wants to chat about their struggles or their workload. 

3. Acknowledge the Cultural Shift

Your company’s cultural shift might be a big shock for some employees. The first step to addressing this is to acknowledge how things have changed and what you can do to help your employees.

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The second step might be to come up with ideas of how you can combat this sudden shift. Company culture is very important for ensuring that employees feel involved in the business and valued. 

The third step is implementing a remote company culture. For example, you could hold weekly quizzes, team movie nights, or online gaming competitions. You might want to ask your team for ideas on how you can help them feel more involved and motivated.

Implement Our Management Tips

If you feel that you or your team are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis, try following our advice and tips on how to manage your team more effectively. Remember to empathize with your colleagues and support them however you can during these tough times. 

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