How to Make Money With an Adult Blog


It’s a longstanding joke that most of the internet’s traffic comes from adult images and adult blogs. While it’s an exaggeration, there is a little bit of truth behind the humor.

According to Psychology Today, 30 percent of all web traffic comes from adult websites. Understandably, this makes the adult industry a pretty substantial market.

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Now, thanks to blogging platforms and simplified web design, more people than ever are dipping their toes into the world of adult entertainment.

And while videos and pictures are great for a quick fix, they don’t necessarily leave audiences coming back for more.

Adult blogs are a fantastic way to establish a more personal relationship with an audience, grow your skills as a writer, and best of all, make some money.

If you’re looking to make some cash with your adult blog, you’ll want to read this helpful guide on how to monetize your blog.

Clarify Your Motivations

So you want to start an adult blog. That’s great!

But why exactly do you want to dedicate your professional life to hot topics?

Before your first blog is published, you’ll want to really sit down and take a look in the mirror. Are you sure this is the career path that’s right for you?

Whether you’re blogging about adult products or sports, blogging, in general, is a tough market to break into.

To be perfectly blunt about it, most blogs simply don’t make the cut. A staggering amount of blogs don’t get enough views to generate any revenue.

While that may be fun if you’re using blogging as a hobby, doing so professionally is even tougher. You’ll need to be honest with yourself.

Do you have a genuine passion for the subject and knowledge of the field? Remember, blogging is about more than simple self-promotion, your audience needs to get something out of your posts.

You have a chance to beat the odds, but your heart needs to be in the right place.

Research The Market

As strange as it sounds, boot up your favorite browser and start surfing your favorite adult sites to get a professional perspective.

Analyze these sites from your personal perspective as well as a business perspective.

What is it about your favorite sites and blogs that stand out to you? How can you incorporate these elements into your own adult blog?

Believe it or not, there’s a lot that can be learned from browsing adult content.

In fact, the adult industry has consistently served as one of the driving factors in technological innovation, nearly single-handedly spawning the home video market. Had there not been a market for adult videos, who knows if we’d even have physical media like Blu-Rays or DVDs.

Now view your browsing habits from a business perspective. Start paying attention to the way sites advertise to you. Are they using mostly banner ads or running advertisements before videos or on blog posts?

These sites make money for a reason. Emulating their business model is a great way to jumpstart your adult blog.

Establish A Niche

As you continue your research, start paying close attention to trends. After browsing at least a handful of sites, you’ll probably notice that a lot of them serve the same purpose.

Whether they’re writing adult product reviews or hosting adult content, tons of adult websites get buried under the competition simply because they refuse to diversify.

Don’t make the same mistake. Your best bet is to establish a niche and run with it.
You’ll be hard-pressed to find an untapped market, so your best bet is to analyze your own interests and fetishes and focus on those.

The good thing about adult content is that there’s a market for virtually every fetish, and most fetishes have subsects that focus on an even smaller market.

Your number one priority is to win over those smaller markets, as niche content tends to encourage reader loyalty.

Create Your Brand

You’re almost ready to start blogging! Before you take the adult blog world by storm, you’ll need to establish your brand.

This is where all of the prep work and research comes in handy.

Come up with a catchy name that audiences will find easy to remember. Alliteration is always great for marketing, as are puns.

Get creative here and have fun!

Next, it’s important that you establish a tone for your adult blog. Do you want to write about content from a more clinical standpoint or a relaxed, personality-driven standpoint?

Both can work, but audiences tend to gravitate toward personalities more than brands. Unless you’re aiming to establish a network, we recommend writing everything in a conversational tone from your own perspective.

Finally, find a blogging platform that fits your needs. There are plenty of fantastic websites out there that offer affordable hosting and tons of customization options for your blog.

Write Your First Post

Good news, you’re finally ready to start creating content!

Creating your first adult blog post can seem intimidating, so begin with a basic introduction.

Introduce yourself to your audience and let them know a bit more about your background, including any kinks or fetishes that may be relevant to your blog.

Let them know what they can expect from your site and consider taking audience suggestions.

Publish Frequently

With your basic introduction out of the way, it’s time to dig in and get to work.

Blogging, even about topics you love, can be time-consuming. It requires research, editing, and a surprising amount of concentration.

Understandably, it’s easy to get distracted or find yourself struck by a particularly bad case of writer’s block. If you can’t seem to generate any ideas, you can always turn to some of the standard favorites.

Questions from the audience are always quite popular, as are tutorials and how-to guides. Maybe you can even write about the history of your site’s niche.

However, your choice of topics is less important than the information you provide. Your audience needs to leave your blog with some new form of knowledge that they didn’t have previously. Ultimately, it’s this exchange that keeps readers coming back to blogs week after week.

Establish a publishing schedule and make sure to follow it. Since your blog won’t contain much at first, it’s fine to publish an article or two at a time. But eventually, you’ll want to look into content management systems.

Reach Out To Successful Bloggers

We’ll let you in on a little secret: while the blogging world can seem like a competition, there are plenty of adult bloggers out there willing to lend you a hand.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your favorites and ask for some advice.
Maybe you can even collaborate on a project together at some point to grow your audience!

Don’t get offended if you don’t hear back. As you’ll come to discover, blogging is a full-time gig, and it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Still, it never hurts to reach out and ask for advice.

Keep Track Of Your Data

Unless you have a marketing team to help you, most, if not all of the work will fall on your shoulders. That includes advertising.

While social media and Google are immensely popular, they’re not exactly known for their affinity for adult websites.

You should still create social media pages for your adult blog, but make sure to follow site guidelines. Typically you can cross-post content as long as it doesn’t contain nudity or explicit language.

You’re likely wondering how you can make money with an adult blog if you can’t advertise through traditional channels.

Primarily, your revenue will come from two methods: sponsorships and advertising The more viewers your site attracts, the easier it’ll be for your blog to land a sponsorship deal or sell ad space.

Accordingly, make sure to keep up with your analytics. Brands want to see hard data before teaming up with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever noticed how many adult product reviews there are? That’s because it’s a form of creative marketing, known as affiliate marketing.

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, think of it as a half-step between a sponsorship and a personal endorsement.

Let’s say you’re teaming up with the company behind an adult toy, such as the Whizzinator.

Once the details of your partnership are finalized, you’ll create a sponsored post for them, including a link to the product. Should your audience click the link and purchase a Whizzinator from the site, you’ll receive a part of the revenue.

Final Thoughts On Creating A Successful Adult Blog

Making money from your adult blog is going to take a great deal of time. You’ll likely spend the first few months creating posts that slowly ramp up your traffic, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re not an overnight success.

Only when you have an established audience can you begin to make money with your blog. Remember what you’ve learned today and you’ll be fine!

If you’re interested in creating your own website or blog, be sure to check out our free resources and tips!