How to Host a Productive Remote Meeting

How to Host a Productive Remote Meeting

Lots of business operations have moved online. Remote meetings have improved efficiency and convenience for businesses. 

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But how do you ensure your remote meeting is successful and productive? Here are some essential tips to help you run your online meeting.

Have an Agenda

Even something as important as remote board meetings can run smoothly as long as you have an agenda. An agenda can help your meeting stay on track and on topic. This ensures productivity. 

An agenda should have a list of topics you want to discuss and how much time you’d like to devote to each one.

Utilize the Latest Technology

Hosting a digital meeting can benefit from the latest technology. For example, hosting meetings in the metaverse can allow you and your team to have a face-to-face brainstorming session without leaving the comfort of your home.

You can even use the metaverse to go beyond meetings and into events such as presentations and product launches. 

Make Sure Your Network Is Reliable

Nothing disrupts an online meeting more than an unreliable network. Having to re-explain ideas and complex problems makes for a difficult experience all around.

You’ll want both your audio and video to be high quality. You should also make sure the platform where you host your meetings has network support.

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Make Sure the Meeting Is Valuable

Don’t host a meeting just to host a meeting. Instead, you should reserve remote meetings for important and valuable conversations.

Be sure to go into every meeting with a purpose. This helps you stay on track. It also ensures everyone will be on the same page before the meeting even begins.

Keep Information Relevant

Never bring up information that is irrelevant to most, or even some, of the members of your meeting. This will surely cause them to zone out, derailing the meeting and the ideas that you may generate during it.

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Make sure that you invite the right teams to each meeting, as well.

Use Shorter Meetings for Supplemental Content

In many cases, shorter meetings are not necessary. Instead, save this content for emails or memos.

However, you can use shorter digital meetings to convey important supplemental information. For example, short meetings can help clarify where everyone stands on a project. They are also good for task delegation to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Follow-up With an Email

Follow-up emails can be helpful in summarizing your meeting and the topics discussed. The email should serve two purposes:

  • Remind attendees of the most important topics
  • Give attendees a reference to review in the future

This will ensure the content discussed in the meeting isn’t easily forgotten or ignored. The follow-up is ultimately helpful for everyone.

Make the Most of Your Remote Meeting

Now that you know how to host a meeting online, you’re ready to ensure your meeting is productive and functional. A remote meeting can be just as functional as face-to-face interaction, as long as you’re appropriately prepared.

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