How to Grow a Blog for an Accounting Firm

Person Handling an Accounting Firm Blog

Blogging has become one of the most highly sought after methods of building an audience and expanding business. There are tons of confusing methods in the abundance of information on the internet. This could make it a little more difficult to figure out how to do that for your accounting firm.

If your accounting company is looking to increase the numbers of visitors and readers on your content then this is for you. Keep reading to check out how to grow a blog for your accounting firm.

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Do Keyword Research

One of the best and probably most common tips you’ll hear on how to grow a blog is to do some research on keywords. Keywords are trendy words and phrases that people are searching the web for. So figuring out what your audience is already looking for is a great way to show up in their search results.

There are plenty of tools for you to use that can help with keyword research and planning. Before you start your research, think about who your target clients are and ask the appropriate questions to put yourself in their shoes.

Find Underaddressed Topics

Here’s the thing─ your clients will probably find hundreds (maybe even thousands) of answers for what they’re looking for. One of the best ways to get your blog seen is to show up where there aren’t many others. You can do this by answering questions on accounting that others may not have already.

Even if there is some information, offer you special insight and perspective. Get more in-depth with the topic. Give yourself the task of saying the things no one else is saying.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are a great way to send people over to your blog. Once you’ve given them information from your video, direct watchers to your written content for even more details. You can use the written content to outline certain things that you said in the video for a visually organized resource.

Be sure to include all links under your videos where they are easy to find.

Talk to Your Clients

Learning how to grow a blog really sometimes comes down to how well you can speak to your audience. If you’re running an accounting firm and talking about marketing advice, this might throw your audience off. 

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You want to publish content that talks directly to the needs of your clients. Let them know that you’re there for them by speaking the same language.

Make Exciting Content

In all honesty, there are parts of every field that isn’t fun and glamourous. Accounting is definitely no exception. There can be lots of paperwork and details that people just aren’t too enthused about.

However, if you can make boring intricacies exciting and explain complex concepts in digestible ways then you’re on to something. Bring some ease to talking about balance sheets, account codes and credit card processing. People will appreciate something they can understand well.

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Provide Value

The reason why most people are willing to invest in anything is that it brings value to their life. This is the same as how to grow a blog. If you want others to put the time into reading, you need to make sure they can take something away from what you offer.

Pay close attention to the responses you get to your content. Use this as feedback and don’t be hesitant about asking how you can improve. Consistently show up as a valuable asset in your industry like this accounting firm.

Use Best SEO Methods

SEO is a concept that most bloggers know can help when trying to get more visitors to their content. It basically speaks to how findable you are on the internet. Using some of the best SEO methods can help to push your content up on Google search.

It also connects you to your audience. Use SEO plug-ins and remember to make sure each page is optimized.

Drive Traffic From Social Media

Social media is a treasure trove of people. You can use it as a tool to get those eyes over to your blog with the right strategy. 

Figure out which platforms works best for your audience and start posting shareable content. Be sure to engage with them and use CTAs that encourage them to head over to your site. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags to give your posts a farther reach capacity.

Try Paid Ads

There are plenty of free methods for how to grow a blog. However, if you have some funds to invest then you may be able to speed up the process with paid ads. 

You can use paid ads on Facebook or Google to spread the word about your blog. Create a strategy for targeting clients and start with small increments so you won’t just be throwing money out.

Grow an Email List

Asking people to sign up for your email list sounds silly but can actually lead you to plenty of paying accounting clients. Use things like landing pages, events, social media posts, etc. to get people to sign up. Send out weekly (or choose a preferred frequency) emails about when you have new content to help grow your blog.

Don’t forget to include a CTA and properly functioning links.

Leverage Collaborations

Cross-marketing is one of the best things about the internet. It’s easy to find other businesses with similar audiences to build partnerships with. Consider reaching out to one and launching a campaign to leverage each other’s following.

Be Consistent

There’s a slim chance that you’ll see huge results overnight. But one day you’ll check your numbers and see great progress. This will mostly be attributed to remaining consistent and not giving up.

Learn How to Grow a Blog for Your Accounting Firm

It’s never too late to learn how to grow a blog. Although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s always more room for your company’s unique perspective. 

Follow these tips to help you get closer to growing a loyal audience. For more advice, check out our blog.

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