How to Get Ranked in International Search Engines and Reach a Global Audience

SEO Ranking

Any marketer worth their salt already knows about the importance of SEO.

Without search engine optimization, your website is forever banished into the depths of the Google search results pages, without the hope of ever being on the receiving end of large amounts of targeted, organic, free traffic.

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However, many SEO experts often forget to consider one crucial aspect of the practice: optimizing content for international search engines. You see, in different countries, people use different versions of Google or Bing or whatever their search engine of choice is.

If you want your website’s content to appeal to a multinational audience, then you need to ensure that you are implementing these international SEO strategies so that your international readers can find your website.

Use ccTLDs for International Versions of Your Website

One of the best ways to get your website to rank higher in international search engines is to use international top-level domains, better known as ccTLDs. These country-code top-level domains serve as an indicator to the search engine’s spiders as to which country the content contained within the website will be relevant.

For instance, is a common TLD used for British websites. And is often used for Indian websites, as is .de for German websites. 

In order to take advantage of ccTLDs in your international SEO strategy, you should build duplicates of your website and host them on each of the ccTLDs for the countries that you are trying to target. Remember to translate the content contained within to the language of the country that you are looking to target.

If you’re worried about Google picking this up as duplicated content and penalizing your ranking in search results pages for it, don’t be. Google’s search engine spiders are smart enough to recognize when something is merely a translation associated with a specific website than true duplicate content.

Read Up on International Search Engines

Remember that users in different countries may use different search engines altogether. For instance, in Russia, Yandex is a very common search engine that is used even more heavily than Google. 

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In Korea, the same is true with Naver. Thus, the SEO practices that you know and love for Google may not work with those other search engines. You have to tailor your SEO strategy and approach for the websites that you host on those ccTLDs. Use an international SEO service like The Weblab to optimize for these international search engines.

International SEO is Worth It

It may seem like optimizing your website’s content for international search engines is a lot of work, but geo targeting your website content for your international website viewers is well worth it in the end. The international website traffic will help you build a multinational audience, resulting in tremendous brand growth that isn’t limited to a single country’s market. Done right, international SEO can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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