How to Get More Moving Leads for Your Moving and Storage Company

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It’s time to get your business moving — pun intended!

When you’re looking for moving leads, there are some best practices you can follow that will help your business get the boost it needs. Without leads, you’ll be stuck with trucks and employees with nothing to move.

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Continue reading this article to learn how to do moving company marketing properly.

Get Those Moving Leads Flowing

Look at successful companies like and other successful companies and start getting ideas from how they are marketing. While you don’t want to copy their full marketing plan, especially if they are your competition, you do want to get some inspiration.

1. Develop Relationships with Realtors

If you need leads — guess who’s got ’em. Realtors!

Realtors are selling homes to people that are moving to the area and many of those people need movers.

Don’t expect realtors to start recommending you just because they’ve met you. You need to build a relationship and trust so they feel confident in recommending you.

You can offer to show them your operation so they know how you do business. Introduce them to your team so they get to know the people that will be handling their client’s things.

2. Start Blogging

Building a blog with helpful moving tips and information about your local service area will allow you to start getting leads from your blogging efforts.

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Before people move to an area they’re always looking for helpful information. They might want to know what stores are around, how the community is and other information only people that live there can truly weigh in on.

When your blog provides helpful information they will automatically have an element of trust for you and your company.

3. Use Geofencing

Geofencing is a great way to offer promotions to people that are nearby. Sending promotions like coupons or limited time offers can get people to choose you for the moving help they need.

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Sometimes a move is from one side of town to the other. Figure out who your most common clientele is and set up a geofencing campaign to target them.

4. Manage Your Reputation

Who likes to do business with someone that has a lot of bad reviews? No one does!

You need to learn how to manage your reputation on sites like Yelp and Google My Business. Speak to your happy customers and ask them to leave reviews for you so that other people see that you’re a good company to choose.

The competition online is usually fierce so you need to make sure that your company’s reputation is shining bright.

Learn More About Using Your Blog to Do Business

Now that you know how to get more moving leads, why not learn more about using your blog to do business? We have plenty of articles that can help you be successful in your business.

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