How to Get More Likes on Instagram: The 7 Fastest Ways

More Likes on Instagram Visualized

Did you know that over a billion people have an account on Instagram worldwide?

Whether you want to advertise your business or get your name out there, Instagram is the perfect place to build a following. However, even if you post great content, it can be challenging to get noticed when there are so many other users out there.

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Do you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram? Keep reading to learn seven tips on how to increase your Instagram likes on each post.

1. Use the Right Hashtags

Getting likes on Instagram is a lot easier when you know how to use hashtags. It’s helpful to include a mix of common hashtags and ones that are more niche so you can maximize the number of people who see your photo. If you only use vague hashtags like “#love,” then your picture will get buried a few seconds later by the millions of other users who are choosing that same hashtag.

2. Don’t Forget About Adding a Location

If you’re running a business with a physical storefront, you’ll get the most profits by targeting locals. A simple way you can increase your exposure to people who are nearby is to add a local location to every picture you upload.

3. Post at the Right Time

Thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm, posting at the right time can make the difference between being seen or getting hidden. This guide breaks down the peak hours of each day so you can reach as many eyes as possible.

4. Don’t Post Too Often or Too Little

If you don’t post enough, then your followers will forget about you. However, if you post too often, they can get tired of your content, especially if the photos aren’t beautiful. Try to find a happy medium by posting a few high-quality pictures each week.

5. Edit Your Photos Before Posting Them

Instead of uploading photos directly from your phone’s library, taking even one extra minute to adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness on the app can make your photos look much more appealing. If you’re serious about getting likes, downloading special photo editing apps will give you the best results.

6. Interact with Your Audience

Anyone can get new likes, but it takes an Instagram expert to build a loyal following. Responding to your messages and comments is a sure way you can secure future likes and comments from the same users.

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7. Use Tools to Increase Your Instagram Likes

If you want to get Instagram likes fast, there are plenty of popular tools that can help you accomplish this. Some tools require an email address, and others have time limits on how often you can access free likes each day.

Now You Know How to Get More Likes on Instagram

If you follow these seven tips on how to get more likes on Instagram, you can become a master of social media.

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