How to Devise a Killer PR Strategy

Does public relations matter in a digital world? PR matters more now than ever.

That’s because 96% of people don’t trust ads. Launch a digital ad campaign and you could end up harming your brand than boosting it.

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Public relations is the art of getting coverage in news outlets. This builds credibility and trust among potential consumers.

When they see your brand on social media or elsewhere, they’re more likely to trust it because you’re able to leverage the publication’s trust.

A PR strategy is required to get yourself and your business in front of the right audience. How can you implement PR strategies that make a real difference?

Keep reading to find out.

What Is a PR Strategy?

If you’re going to design a PR strategy, you have to know what it is in order to create it. A PR strategy is the plan to use media to get the word out about your business.

It’s not just sending a press release through a shotgun-style press release service. It outlines everything about your public relations approach.

It starts with the vision of the business. That ensures your PR plan is aligned with the vision and strategy of the business.

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You then work your way through the messages, target audience, and goals. The overall PR strategy keeps you focused on the plan and approach.

It prevents you and your team from getting sidetracked by competing ideas and projects.

Start With Research

How do you create a PR strategy? It always starts with research. You want to understand your industry’s trends and the current coverage of your industry.

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This is also the time to gain a deep insight into your target market. It’s important to know what they’re looking for in your product or services.

You need to know what publications they read to learn about products similar to yours. Let’s say that you want to publicize a new grill.

You want to target home publications such as Better Homes and Gardens.

The next step is to start a spreadsheet and make a list of those publications. Find the right editor for those outlets. You can find that information in the masthead of the publication or on its website.

Follow the editors on Twitter and add their names and email address to the spreadsheet.

Set PR Goals and Objectives

This is where businesses get stuck because they don’t know how to effectively set goals. The best way to set goals and objectives is to look at your business goals and see how to align them.

A business that wants more website leads can set a goal to have more website traffic from PR coverage. In that case, the goal should be to increase website traffic by 15% over the next six months.

It follows the SMART goal structure. This structure lets you know if you’re successful or not.  

PR Ideas to Get Coverage

The best PR ideas aren’t that difficult to implement. The most challenging one is media outreach. It’s also the most rewarding.

You can use guest posts on relevant sites. This has an additional benefit because it boosts your site’s search engine results.

Influencer marketing leverages the power that other brands have. A gamer might have a million followers. It’s the perfect account to do a review of a gaming chair.

Podcasts are a growing segment of public relations. They combine the power of influencers with the credibility of big publications.

Pitching Publications

Before you spam your list of editors with the same message, think about why someone would stop and look at your email.

Editors get at least a hundred pitches a day. It’s more at larger publications.

Ask yourself why they should stop and look at your pitch. Then ask why they should cover your business.

Read through their last articles and create a unique angle.

There are PR tools that help facilitate outreach to journalists. The best PR tool goes as far as to identify opportunities and helps you craft a pitch to that journalist.

Integrate PR With Marketing

There are hundreds of different ways to get your message out. Public relations works because it helps credibility and trust with consumers. PR builds brand awareness, too.

PR focuses on earned media, as opposed to advertising, and owned media to distribute your message. You need a mix of all three to be highly effective.

PR and marketing should work together to achieve the same goals. For instance, you can use event marketing to launch a new product and get earned media coverage.

PR can leverage content that marketing develops to get coverage as well. A social media campaign that uses influencers might be newsworthy enough to get coverage.

Measure Results

Your PR strategies are only as good as your results. Business owners tend to want to see instant results from public relations.

They want to see revenue increase immediately because an article came out in a big magazine. PR rarely works like that.

That’s why you set goals and objectives that are realistic. It allows you to track and measure your success.

PR software helps you measure your success. You’ll be able to count the earned media mentions and compare them to your financial results.

Create a PR Strategy That Won’t Fail

It’s easy to sign up for a service to send press releases out to journalists. You’re not likely to find PR success that way, but you can with PR strategies.

What is a PR strategy? It outlines how you’ll communicate your message through the media.

You just learned how to devise your own PR strategy. Use the PR ideas and tips in this guide, and you’ll have no problem getting media attention.

If you enjoyed learning about public relations, you’ll enjoy the other articles on the blog. Check them out today!

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