How To Create The Best Business Domain Name For Your Reading Glasses Site

business domain

Brainstorming a business domain for a reading glasses website is harder than one may think.

Including targeted keywords is one potential option. But, a name both short and memorable may strongly align with your brand image.

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How can a reading glasses site get the best of both? Read on.

Having 20/20 Vision of Your Brand: 5 Valuable Business Domain Tips

More than 326 million domains were registered as of March 31st, 2016. Many are to protect copyright, become unfinished Web projects, or collected for domaining. This creates a challenge finding a domain befitting your business.

Go one further: What if your business is highly targeted and niche? One like a reading glasses business?

Try one (or all) of these business domain tips:

1. Delve into keywords

Keywords as a domain provide two benefits:

  • They’re words/phrases people use
  • They’re beneficial for search rankings

Reading glasses customers are familiar with words like vision, lenses, and frames. Incorporating these keywords types conveys what’s offered. This is also effective when picked up by search spiders (it being an SEO factor).

2. Get creative

Perhaps there’s a running joke at the business. Or, a customer made a comment you fondly remember. Those are domain ideas! Memorable domains are often those having creative play-on-words or made-up phrases.

Need help?

  • Use a domain name generator
  • Use alliteration when combining two words
  • Use a fun or industry-recognized prefix

Open a word document and start brainstorming business domain ideas. Keep playing with variations until you’ve found one that sticks.

3. Lower-level extensions are okay

Typical recommendations for domains have been acquiring either .com, .net, or .org extensions. These are top-level domain extensions. They’re recommended because they’re easy to remember.

Yet, most Web users discover websites through search engine results and social media.

They’re introduced to the content and headline… not the URL. A strong brand name will carry the website. This means extensions like .io or .co are acceptable alternatives for capturing taken ideas.

4. Answer a question

Web users seek answers to their queries. Many webmasters find great success creating domains specific to answering these questions. The practice is like keywords in the domain but highly targeted.

What if the question was “what are reading glasses?”. Or, “what’s the best glasses type for my facial structure?”. The domain, acting as an answer, creates immediate value and would entice click-through.

5. Buy in

Brute force it and buy the domain you want! This bypasses the need to “settle” for a domain you’re not enthusiastic about. The premium domain costs extra, depending on the name, but it’s certainly one way to get the name you want!

Can You See Clearly Now? Start Brainstorming!

Someone already snagged your business domain? It’s not the end of the world. There are dozens of top-level domain extensions to add variety. Hundreds of other extensions become available depending on your registrar.

Read between the lines and get creative with your naming!

Brainstorm ideas and let it “stew” once you’ve found one you like. Does the name convey the idea of your reading glasses website? Is it memorable after a few days? Go with it!

Still having trouble? Read our extensive guide.