How to Create Affiliate Marketing Blogs for Profit

Affiliate Marketing Blog

In the world of technology, the possibility of making money while you sleep has become a closer reality than most people think. One of the best ways to do this is to sell products and create a platform to sell them through. Blogging has become amongst the top ways to do this.

Affiliate marketing blogs allow you to save time on creating your own products by selling other people’s items. They also create an extra income source that you can automate for continuous cashflow.

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One of the most difficult parts about breaking into this niche is getting started. Keep reading to learn how to start an affiliate marketing blog that can help you generate passive income.

Choose a Niche

Before you dive into the world of affiliate marketing blogs, figure out which piece of the pie you want. Choosing a niche is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, it allows you to focus on a particular audience, which can lead to becoming an authority.

Niching down also helps people find you because they know where and how to look for the particular thing that you’re selling. It also helps you to stay focused versus feeling like your content is too sporadic and scrambled.

Although picking a niche is beneficial, many people still get stuck when it’s time to choose. Here are a few ways you can choose without the headache and hassle:

  • Based on your passion (i.e. longtime hobbies, etc.)
  • Based on your current expertise (i.e. career and educational background, etc.)
  • Based on a topic you’d like to be expert in (this forces you to learn and grow)
  • Based on how lucrative the niche is (research market potential)
  • Based on a combination (i.e., healthcare and tech, parenting and psychology, etc.)

If you still have no idea what to choose, try picking the first thing that catches your eye and get started. If you absolutely hate it then simply choose something else later on.

Find Affiliate Products

Now that you’ve found a niche, it’s time to find something to sell on your affiliate marketing blogs. There are tons of products for you to choose from. Forums like ClickBank, Shareasale, and JVzoo that connect you with entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking for commission based partners.

Even Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs for you to join. Some of the important things to remember about settling on a product are to make sure you can stand by the product (morally) and make sure you can sell it. 

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Do your research on each product before attaching your name or brand to something.

Purchase a Domain

It’s time to get a little technical. You’ll need names for your blog and a domain to attach it to. Purchasing a domain is typically affordable. You can sometimes even find them for free or little as $1.

Consider some premium domain options and don’t skip out on reading about extras that may come in handy, such as a domain email address.

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Get Website Hosting

Your affiliate marketing blogs need something to build the foundation of their home on. In the digital world, this is referred to as a web host. 

Find a hosting package that will give you the necessary flexibility and space that you need for your site. You can use popular sites, such as BlueHost and HostGator for a variety of different package options. WordPress is a popular platform that most people build their sites on due to flexibility.

If you want to skip out on getting too technical, there are plug-and-play sites like SquareSpace and Wix that allow you to make great blogs with no experience.

Pick a Blog Theme

If you are going the route of WordPress, which is the most customizable option, then you’ll need to choose a theme. Keep it simple and choose a layout that will highlight your products and content best.

There are both free and paid themes that can help bring your blog to life.

Do Market Research

After your blog is set up, start looking at the market. Figure out what’s going on with the audience and your competitors.

Performing marketing research gives you the advantage of filling holes in the industry and positioning your blog for success. Collecting data from research is also an important factor when it comes to targeting your ideal clients.

Use tools, such as surveys, Google Analytics, keyword software, etc. to gather the information you need that will help you understand your audience.

Create Content

Take the data that you’ve acquired from keeping an eye on your audience and start coming up with content that will attract them to your affiliate marketing blog. The main factor you need to focus on is delivering value to your ideal customers. This will help you to grow an audience.

Be creative, unique and authentic with your content. Also, remember to share facts when providing information and advice. Speak directly to their pain points and point them in the right direction of your solution.

Start Promoting

You’ll be creating content in vain if you don’t promote your blog. Find the best avenues to get your creations in front of your audience. This will mostly depend on where they hang out.

For instance, you’ll probably do well on Instagram with fitness and wellness products. On the other hand, for more B2B products, LinkedIn may be your goldmine. Re-evaluate your market research to strategize the best distribution platforms for your tribe.

Although social media can provide you with a lot of free advertisement, you may also want to consider using paid ads as well. 

Make an Email List

Getting your leads onto an email list is essential. It’s important to stay in communication with your audience and their inbox is the best way to do so.

Start collecting email addresses using your blog or a landing page. Provide value to your list and you’ll find out the there is a lot of potential to earn money here even with a smaller list.

Generate Extra Income With Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing blogs can be great sources of passive income. Do the work of setting up a strong foundation then start promoting.

Remember to always keep in mind who you’re marketing to so you can deliver consistent value. Stay in connection with your audience and offer solutions.

For more information on online marketing, check out our blog. 

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