How to Come up with a Blog Name for Your Antique Business

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Launching a new blog for your business? What are you going to call it? 

Learning how to come up with a blog name can be a lengthy and strenuous process. It needs a lot of thought to pick a name for anything, even with blogs. Once you pick, you don’t always have a way to change it.

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This becomes an even heavier issue for blogs. Not only do you have to set that name up on paper, but you also have to register it as a domain name for your blog. This affects everything from SEO to brand marketability.

If you are feeling the pressure and you don’t know where to start, stay a while and read on. Here are some tips on how to come up with a blog name.

1. Play Around with Words

How to come up with a blog name? Think of a name you like that connects to your business. It can be anything that you can associate to your antique business.

Once you have a few ideas or a name that you see as a favorite, list them down. Remember to play around with the words and create something that you can use. When no one has a claim of it, take the opportunity to use that as your blog name.

This can also be a phrase, a couple of words, or a combination of words blended into one. Sometimes, you can mix up the names like a portmanteau or a compound word. It is the cleverness in it that could fit the idea behind your blog’s personality.

2. Inspirations Come From Everywhere

When thinking of names, you can get inspirations from a lot of sources. Whether you look to classical works or to pop culture, you can use them. They can act as founts for ideas and concepts for the blog name.

If you like a specific book and there is a word or phrase that calls out to you, pick that name and use it. 

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The myriad of books out there numbering to the billions. it’s not that hard to find a name that catches your attention.

Always be on the lookout for anything that could spark an idea for the blog name. For example, look at the challenge coin as an idea. You can find out more about what they are here.

3. Look at Competitors’ Blog Names

The annoying part in the naming process is when you try to register the name you have and it pops up as taken. It could take up more time to think of a different name when that occurs. Take time to look at other antique businesses and check what their name their blogs use.

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Another reason to check the competition is to get a head-start on ideas. They might use motifs you can also draw inspiration from.

This way, when it does occur that someone else took that name, you can shorten the thinking process. By then, you can create something else in a shorter time. 

4. Play Around with Languages

Does the idea for the name sound too plain or bland for you? One way to get past that is to try different languages and find equivalents for your idea. If you are looking for a word or phrase that stands out, consider the thought of using a different language to convey the idea.

With words, you can use something like Google Translate to find some easy equivalents and a good place to start with.

Also, when looking for words, go for something easy to pronounce and with fewer syllables. This makes it easier to remember.

5. Enrich Your Vocabulary with a Thesaurus

Another thing you can take advantage of is the use of alternative names. When one name conveys an idea, you might have a different word that matches that name and sounds even catchier.

Using a thesaurus can help in providing alternatives and equivalents for certain words. With a thesaurus, its typical use is to find words to enrich a statement and have a fitting equivalent that would add an impact to a sentence. But if you are still in the search for a fitting blog name, this should also give you some ideas to toy with. 

6. Abbreviations, Alliterations, and Acronyms

Stretch the idea of being clever to the point of putting one word to act as an acronym. Sometimes, you can lean towards the brilliant side and think up of a word starting with each designated letters.

If acronyms and abbreviations go beyond your reach of scope, you can also go for alliterations. It rolls off the tongue with ease and it has a fitting look for brand names.

When in doubt, try any of these ideas when naming your antique blog.

7. Try Humor

Sometimes, even humor provides a brilliant idea. Some blogs names play around the tongue-in-cheek comedy that it can come off as ingenious.

Very often, this approach may work for blogs used by personalities. This might not be for you if you opt for a more professional approach. Take a moment to consider how your antique business brand relates to your audience and then decide if humor works.

8. Unrelated Words Can Also Work

In choosing for a name, even an unrelated item can be a source of inspiration. A good example is Apple, wherein a technology-focused company using a fruit for their name.

Sometimes, unrelated words can grant you a stroke of genius. In this case, it is rather off-tangent that it becomes a catchy name. Check out for names that you can use for your blog from such objects.

Learn How to Come Up With a Blog Name

Once you have found some ways on how to come up with a blog name, you have to be both creative and clever with it. Make sure the name fits well with your antique business and create something that works well for you.

When you find a name fitting for your antique business blog, it is time you have that registered. This way, your domain will carry that name and your blog comes to life.

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