How to Boost Your Ranking on Google

Did you know that about 75% of people never click past page 1 of Google? Since 22% of them click on the first result, it’s especially important that your business webpage is at the top of the screen.

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But how can you gain visibility with your target audience? Read on to learn how to rank higher on Google and get more clicks.

Find the Right Keywords

Any manipulation that you make to the web to rank higher in Google falls into the category of search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most important facets of on-page SEO is using the right keywords.

When you saturate posts, image descriptions, video titles, and HTML coding with relevant and high-volume keywords, your page shows up after someone searches for that phrase. This ensures that you hit the right market. You want to be visible to those already looking for your services so that you can make sales.

You can find keywords with the SEMrush keyword magic tool. Make sure that the phrase you choose has a search volume of over 100. You also want a keyword difficulty score below 80 to avoid unnecessary competition.

Make Use of Links

Link building is also an important facet of any SEO strategy.

You’re going to want to incorporate outbound links, commonly known as backlinks. These are tied to an anchor text and link to a third-party website. The website you choose should be relevant to your content while not being a direct competitor.

This shows Google that you’re relevant to queries and reputable. It also lets you form connections with other businesses in your industry. If you share the same target market but don’t compete, linking to each other can be extremely beneficial.

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You also will need to use internal linking to other areas within your webpage. This drives traffic to multiple areas of your website. It also makes your page easier for crawlers to index.

Manage Social Media

Inbound links are important for SEO, as is a wider web presence. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok puts you in touch with your target audience. Marketing on these platforms gives your site a boost by making you more visible to consumers.

You can post deals, promotions, and videos that you think will generate interest. Make sure to link back to your official site regularly to direct traffic to your blog.

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Social media is engaging, but it also drives inbound traffic to your site. Google crawlers see more people visiting and decide that you’re a reputable, quality site. They’re then more likely to push you up in Google’s rankings. You can also drive inbound traffic with reviews, Wikipedia for CEOs, and guest post packages.

More on How to Rank Higher on Google

Now that you know how to rank higher on Google, it’s time to get started.

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