How to Become Instagram Famous: 4 Awesome Tips

Whether you need to promote your business or wish to become an internet celebrity, you need to look into Instagram.

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Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to garner a large following. It’s likely the most popular social media platform worldwide and is perfect if you wish to become an internet celebrity.

But, of course, there’s plenty of competition for becoming an Instagram influencer.

You need a find a way to become popular on Instagram ahead of your competition.

Here’s how to become Instagram famous:

1. Use Your Face

If you can, you want to use your face as your profile picture. Instagram is a personal platform and most followers will prefer to see your face.

You become less interesting if you use a generic logo or another image that any other user can use. If you are running a business then you’ll likely have to stick to using a logo.

In this latter case, make sure that several of your photos feature models. This helps your followers connect with your brand even more. They’ll feel there’s a human connection that they can relate to.

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2. Focus on Followers First

Your first priority should be to gain as many followers as possible. Once you’ve gained at least 1,000 followers, then you can stop obsessing about growing your profile quickly.

But at the beginning of your journey, you want to garner lots of followers. This ensures that more users will see your profile in their recommended lists.

You can consider using a service to buy Instagram followers. This is a costly investment but is perfect to get ahead of your competition.

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3. Set a Schedule

If you want to become Instagram famous, you have to always be on everyone’s minds. This can only be accomplished if you post photos and videos on a regular basis. 

While you don’t have to post every day you want to post at least once per week. Ensure that you stick to a schedule that your followers can predict.

If you take too long to post content, you can expect to lose followers in the long run.

4. Photos First, Videos Later

You want to first focus on posting photos and images to your Instagram profile. 

Followers can forgive a photo or image that isn’t of the highest quality. But poor video content can damage your reputation.

Photos and images will help you garner followers in a short time. Once you’ve garnered lots of followers and get regular ‘likes’ on your photos then you can start posting videos and sharing stories.

Become Instagram Famous

Now you know the rules on how to become Instagram famous and stay ahead of your competition.

Your first step should be to use your face rather than using a logo or generic image. If this isn’t possible, then ensure you use models in many of your photos and videos.

Next, ensure that you build followers as fast as possible. You want to buy followers to stay ahead of the competition.

Make sure that you set a schedule to regularly post content. Stick to photos first and then add videos once your followers grow.

You can find more marketing tips on our blog.

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