Homemade Success: 8 Awesome Blog Ideas for Your Home Improvement Blog


In the U.S., home improvement is a booming business. Last year, it raked in close to $384 billion.  

Logic dictates that having a home improvement blog can be a lucrative endeavor, too.

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$384 billion lucrative? Probably not. But, you know you have a pretty big audience, so if you do it right, you could end up with a decent slice of the pie.

Having a successful blog comes down to one thing: great content. Everything — including the all-important SEO — all hinges on your blog and its content.

But, how many blogs can you have about interior paint colors? How many times can you write the word “shiplap” in a header? 

We know coming up with fresh content can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve got eight ideas for your home improvement blog that will have you feeling as fresh as a new coat of paint!

1. DIY Furniture Makeovers

If you’re still thinking back to the $384 billion figure, you may be wondering how home improvement got to be such a massive industry.

Part of it is that homeowners have more equity built up in their homes, so it’s easier to take out home improvement loans. Another reason is the incredible popularity channels like HGTV and DIY Network have had in recent years.

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can’t name at least one show on either channel. Their biggest ratings? DIY shows. 

It’s not only DIY renovations, either. Viewers love watching shows where they repurpose old furniture or even house features. 

Turn that into a blog! Everyone has a piece of old furniture lying around they don’t want to get rid of but they know something has to happen with it.

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Teach them some tricks for turning that old couch into some fabulous. Like upholstery or staining wood furniture.

You’re not only helping out eager DIYers, but you’re helping the environment, too.

2. Home Improvement Blog Videos

Another great form of blog content is posting videos. This works in two ways. 

Uploading a how-to video on YouTube will get eyes on your video. But, it also gives you content for your blog because you can embed it and write up a quick post about it.

This is great for your SEO and it opens you up to social media traffic as well. Make sure you put keywords in the title of the video and the blog post. Also, since the content is the video itself, make sure you have a catchy hook in the beginning.

3. Transform Attic Space

Most homes in America have attics or some sort of crawl space. But, what’s really going on up there?

Aside from spiders and your holiday decorations making homes, most people have a lot of space going to waste. Write a blog about the different renos people can do to transform this space.

You can tackle big projects like turning the attic into a bedroom. You can go step-by-step through the process.

Have a post about painting (since you’re so good at that anyway!). Write one about adding attic fans — including how to install them. 

You can even blog about getting the most storage space out of an attic. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people who’d love to know what to do with all that space!

4. DIY Decorating

If you’re the creative type, you can share your ideas for DIY decorating. You can write about the ways that the reader can make their smaller room seem larger.

Another idea is to repurpose items found at yard sales or antique shops. Explain to the reader your idea for the piece, then walk them through the transformation.

5. Landscaping and Gardening

One of the easiest ways to add value to a home is by having great curb appeal. The best way to gain curb appeal? Landscaping and gardening!

A well-landscaped yard can add between 5 and 12.5% value to a property. Many HOAs and gated communities insist on homes having maintained yards. Almost all homeowners want great curb appeal, a higher property value, and no nasty-grams in their mailbox from the HOA.

That makes landscaping and gardening a pretty good blog idea, wouldn’t you say? 

During the winter months, you’ll still have plenty to draw from for content. You can give tips on gutter maintenance, how to protect your plants from frost, and even the best way to de-ice a driveway.

6. Total DIY Home Reno

How adventurous are you? Are you currently remodeling a property?

Turn it into a blog!

Walk people through the entire process from picking out tile flooring to the interior design process. You can show them tips and tricks along the way so they know what to expect if they decide to do a whole-home makeover.

This is a great way to incorporate video into your blog, too! 

Like we mentioned above, video is excellent content that adds to your SEO. Make sure you leave some mishaps in there. It will have comedic value and add a level of realness to your video.

7. City Living

It’s not a secret to anyone that living in major cities has its perks and downsides. While you get to live in the heart of a booming metropolis, you also have to live in a smaller space.

If you moved from a spacious house in the Midwest suburbs to New York City, you have a lot of adjusting to do. The average NYC studio apartment is 550 square feet — which for many people is about one-fifth of the total size of their house.

So, help people with space and organization! Explain the different ways they can make their apartment appear bigger — like adding mirrors. Show them decorating tips that give the storage like adding wall shelving.

You can even go off-topic and cover things like local entertainment, food, and transportation. 

8. Handyman Helper

Can you think of small home projects that people can do on their own? Of course, you can!

So, start a list of simple repairs and hacks that anyone can handle. Make it like a how-to blog. 

“How to Drain Your AC Condensation Line” or “How to Install a Garbage Disposal.” These are simple projects that almost anyone can do — they just might not know it.

There are tons of small DIY repairs that people need help figuring out how to do. So, instead of calling a handyman, they can look up your handyman helper blog and do it themselves.

Make sure you add disclosures to anything involving electricity. While you may know to turn off the designated breaker before working on an appliance, not everyone does.

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