Here’s How Wellness Blogs Can Monetize Their Content

coffee and words

coffee and wordsWhen it comes to making money via blogging, the most successful bloggers will say to focus on the “big three”.

What are the big three you may ask? Health, wealth, and relationships.

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If you’ve been reading wellness blogs and wondering how they make cash, you’re in for a special treat.

Today, we’re talking about wellness blogs and the power of monetization.

Wellness Blogs and Monetized Content

This is how affiliate marketing works:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Create content for said blog
  3. Sprinkle affiliate links throughout said content
  4. People use links to purchase products or services
  5. You receive a commission on sales

Simple enough, right? If you do this properly, you will be treating yourself to a body massage in Dubai in not time!

Why Should I Visit Your Blog?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of wellness blogs out there. What separates yours from everyone else’s?

There is a fine line between successful bloggers and the non-successful ones. The difference usually comes in the form of brand creation and smart promotion and self-marketing.

If you have a monetized blog, you need to be thinking of it like you would a B2C business, because that’s essentially what you are.

You are selling a product for another business. To a customer. You are a middleman.

And that’s fine. Middlemen are how most of us hear about products.

The key component is trust. Every word you publish needs to be honest. If something sucks, you need to say so.

As an affiliate marketer, your dedicated and loyal readers rely on you to tell it like it is.

Too Much of a Good Thing is a Bad Thing

So your blog is up and running. You’re getting quality traffic but you’re starting to notice that you aren’t looking too great in the SERPs.

Be careful with your affiliate links. Too many and Google will notice. They’ll say, “Look at this person. They don’t care about quality, they’re just trying to make money.”

And, of course, they’re right. It’s not just Google, either.

Your readers will start to realize that every post you make is about making money and getting sales. Once this happens, they’ll leave in droves.

Remember. Content is king. Creating quality content is and likely will always be the right answer.

So how do you get paid while avoiding a loss of readers and a spanking from Google?

Easy. You make a “resources” page.

Avoid putting the affiliate links all over the place. Have a single page dedicated to your affiliate links and direct your readers there. This way, your entire website only has one-page containing affiliate links.

Other Forms of Monetization

There are two other forms of monetizing wellness blogs. They are:

  • Ads – From Google Adsense or another network
  • Your own products or service

Setting ads up on your website is a double edged sword. While they bring in money, they’re ugly and annoying to readers.

However, selling products or services that you create can be a real winner. Do you have an idea for a planner or e-course that no one else has thought to create?

This is where you can make some serious bank.

Wrapping it Up

How much can you make from a blog?

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents brings in over 100k a month. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income isn’t too far behind her.

Those are some serious earnings!

Are you doing well as an affiliate marketer? We’d like to hear your story. Leave a comment below.