Here’s What WebMD Taught Us About Medical Blogging

medical blogging

medical bloggingWhen you’re looking to create a blog that is valuable, with monetization potential, medical blogging is the way to go about it.

Before creating a successful blog, you’ll need to learn the tips of the trade that will help you reach the next level.

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WebMD has carved out one of the most trusted reputations in recent years, to the point that they’re a household name.

To see how WebMD engaged their audiences, read below to see how you can apply their success to your own blog.

Get More Medical Blogging Traffic Through Valuable Informational Tools

If you want to engage your audience through medical blogging, it’s important to give them some useful tools they can use in their lives.

For instance, WebMD created an allergy map, which allowed people to see where they stood with pollen count and other factors. It’s a graphical tool that uses GPS, so that people received the most highly accurate allergy information.

In exchange, it used social media by allowing people to share, which provided built-in marketing for WebMD’s other content.

Make Sure To Develop Trust

When dealing with medical blogging, trust is everything.

The reason for this is that people are choosing to follow your advice to keep themselves alive and healthy. Providing medical advice requires you to establish yourself as an authority.

You hold your doctor to high ethical standards, so keep this in mind when blogging medical information.

WebMD mastered this, which allowed them to become the most trusted in the business.

Companies like Tri-State Centers for Sight LASIK is similarly built trust to become Cincinnati’s go-to provider of LASIK surgeries.

Keep this at the forefront of your mind when producing your medical blog.

Focus On Mobile

No matter what kind of blog you create, it’s important that you optimize for mobile.

When choosing your blogging platform, ensure that the company emphasizes mobile optimization. Since most people browse the web through their tablet or smartphone more than any other device, you need to make your content easy for people to access.

WebMD was one of the first companies to take it a step further by creating an app. Having apps in the Android and Apple marketplaces is yet another built-in way for you to get the word out about your business.

Teach People About Their Health In Detail

The most central principal that will serve you in your blogging is to provide excellent value to people.

Rather than just spewing information, make sure that you’re providing detailed information that people will use to actually make their lives better. Give people content that you would want to read if you were in their shoes.

This way, people will become lifelong fans as you continuously build a following. By creating organic engagement, you’ll never have to worry about undergoing cheap marketing practices.

Instead, you’ll know that customers will stick with you since you took the time to address their needs.

Do you run a medical blog? Perhaps you’ve also learned some key lessons from WebMD. Let us know in the comments below!