How Health and Wellness Blogs Are Designed to Change Lives

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Leading an overall healthy and happy life is something most people aim for. Yet, some are still learning what it takes to achieve this level of success.

Being in a state of wellbeing that’s fulfilling in your eyes is the key to true happiness. So for some, success is about financial wellness and health, then for other’s, it’s all about relationship wellness and fitness.

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Those who focus on a more holistic approach to their well-being are more likely to obtain a more balanced life that’s fulfilling in more ways than one.

And that’s where wellness blogs come into play. These act as a platform and resource for anyone who’s looking to improve their wellness on different levels.

These blogs are changing lives in various ways – some by promoting fitness and others guiding folks to a cleaner diet.

If you’re considering following health and wellness blogs, then you should find those that focus on one or more aspects of holistic health.

What is the Holistic Approach to Wellness?

In medicine, the term holistic represents various aspects of yourself that are all interconnected. So by focusing on the health of all these parts, you can improve your overall wellbeing.

You can find wellness blogs and even medical practitioners that now offer guidance in this holistic health. It’s not a new approach, but one that’s definitely gained momentum over the past couple of decades.

Now, there are seven dimensions of wellness. Some wellness blogs focus on one or more of these dimensions, providing readers with a way to improve their lifestyles.

What Are the Seven Dimensions of Wellness?

Back in the 1970s, a doctor named Bill Hettler, the co-founder of the National Wellness Institute in America created the six dimensions of health.

These dimensions included intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational and social wellbeing. Then in 2008, the Australian Psychological Association introduced the 7th – environmental wellbeing.

Today, we can find numerous wellness blogs focusing on these core elements of your health. So let’s see why these dimensions are important and how these blogs are changing lives.

1. Wellness Blogs Help Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

There are certain blogs out there, like that focus on your physical fitness. We all know how important of a role exercise plays in your overall wellness. But fitness is only a part of the physical equation.

You also have to worry about what you’re consuming. A clean diet is essential to keeping your body looking and feeling great. The key is to stay away from foods that are damaging your body.

And instead, consume foods that help detoxify your system. For instance, eating more fresh fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts. Many blogs promote a combination of working out and eating right to heal the body.

2. Health Blogs Promote Emotional Wellness

The condition of your mental state is just as important as your physical wellbeing. This typically involves controlling the amount of stress in your life. And learning how to de-stress when the time comes.

This includes using meditation, removing toxic people from your life and veering away from stressful situations. Stress is unavoidable, so the key is understanding how to deal with stressful moments.

3. Wellness Blogs Enhance Spirituality

This ties into emotional wellbeing since it involves achieving a sense of calm and mental clarity. In the past, religion was the most popular platform for building spirituality.

However, more and more people are turning to new methods, such as meditation. Focusing on positive energies and finding your center is quite popular in health-related blogs today.

4. Health Blogs Can Boost Intellectual Wellness

We’re all born with an innate interest in learning. But somewhere along the way, we shut down and only focus on what we know. Our creativity dies unless we continue to foster it.

This is possible by tuning your intellectual wellbeing. Some ways you can do this is by engaging in creative activities, learning something new and expanding the knowledge you already have.

Some blogs use tapping into culture as a means to improve intellectual wellness. For instance, going to cultural events, sports games, foreign films, live concerts and so on.

By maintaining our intellectual health, we help slow the cognitive decline associated with aging. For instance, reading and doing crossword puzzles at 70+ years old can reduce the chances of cognitive impairment.

5. Health Blogs Teach Environmental Wellness

Your surroundings play a significant role in your wellbeing. This is why you’ll find some folks who feel at peace when at the beach or out camping in the woods.

Research shows being outdoors in nature can help you self-reflect and relax. It makes us feel connected to something more than ourselves.

In some wellness blogs, you’ll find tips like walking barefoot in the grass, soil or sand. Simply doing more things outdoors is key, such as reading, watching the children play, walking and so on.

6. Wellness Blogs Can Boost Occupational Wellness

You spend the majority of your adult life at work. So it makes sense for you to focus on your occupational wellbeing. There are two parts to this – internal and external.

This is where emotional wellbeing and environmental wellbeing come into play. For instance, having a positive attitude and outlook can make your work life better.

And if the workplace you’re in is relaxing and positive, then this can further improve your occupational health. It’s key for managers and business owners to create a work environment that promotes occupational wellbeing.

7. Health Blogs Can Assist with Social Wellness

If there’s anything the digital age has taught us it’s that people are highly social beings. Without a high social status, many of us feel we’re unimportant or less than the next person.

However, the key to social wellness isn’t about status, but sustaining real and true relationships. This can promote a healthier, happier, and sometimes longer life.

Joining groups, clubs, and teams with friends and family are one way these blogs promote improving your social wellness. Other ways include having dinner at the table with your family or going for regular walks with friends.

Why is the Holistic Health Approach So Important?

Well, if you look at the state of the health of today’s Americans, you’ll find many of us are fat, sick, and nearly dead. Much of this has to do with a lack of wellbeing in one or more of the above areas.

Health and wellness blogs help everyday individuals take the journey to a healthier life.

The insurance and medical costs we endure today are substantially high, which shows we are in dire need of a lifestyle change. Unfortunately, this problem isn’t just in the United States – it’s worldwide.

In the U.K., sick leave makes up 8% of company expenses. And this accounted for an 8% loss of working hours.

Then many workers come to work sleep deprived, which also leads to productivity loss. So much so that it costs $411 billion annually.

Fortunately, wellness blogs are available to everyone with internet access, no matter where they are in the world. As more and more health blogs are created, the more resources people have to change their lives (and workplaces) for the better.

This is a matter for individuals, family members, and employers to take into their own hands. Health and wellness blogs empower them to do just that.

Leading Health and Wellness Blogs

Whether you’re looking to start your own health blog, knowing the top wellness sites out there is key. This will help inspire you to create your own blog.

Let’s review some of the leading blogs people are using to change their health and lifestyles for the better.


This site is owned by vegan blogger Kathy Patalsky. She’s a full-time blogger and author of a vegan cookbook. You may have seen her on various platforms, like NPR and Saveur.

She shares various recipes that even the inexperienced cook can make.


This health blogger relates to others who took to the healthy road after a major health scare. Heather Dessinger was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was unable to carry a baby to term.

Her cholesterol levels were way too low because of the extreme low-fat diet she had. However, this didn’t stop her from educating herself, turning her health around and carrying not one, but three babies to term.

Now, she shares information about children’s healthy eating, nontoxic housekeeping, and cooking.

MyFitnessPal Blog

You may have heard of the My Fitness Pal app, which helps you track your food consumption and fitness activities. This makes it easier to reach your goals.

Both the app and the blog are very useful. On the site, you can find healthy recipes, fitness tips and personal stories about weight loss.

Start Your Own Health and Wellness Blog

If you’re interested in helping others obtain better health and wellbeing, then why not share your story and knowledge on your own blog?

At On Blast Blog, we show beginners how to jump-start their own online content resource. Blogs are great tools for advertising your personal or business brand.

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