Guaranteed SEO Hacks for Your Physical Therapy Website

guaranteed seo

guaranteed seoAccording to Forbes, there are quick and affordable solutions for building a website for any type of business. But there’s a catch. If you went for the easy and cheap route to create your physical therapy website, chances are some of your competitors also did the same.

So how do you stand out?

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Aside from rethinking your site’s design, you should definitely consider a guaranteed SEO strategy. Without it, your site wouldn’t rank high in search engine results. Which means the people, who could be your potential clients are heading to your competitors’ sites or blogs instead of your PT website.

To help you out, here are some guaranteed SEO hacks to implement on your physical therapy website.

Keep Learning

Okay, so this is more of an essential than a hack. But you need to get into the habit of updating yourself with SEO news because search engines regularly release updates to their algorithm. This means that the SEO techniques that used to work three or two or even a year ago, may not be as relevant today.

You also have to train yourself to learn more about the SEO process so you don’t get frustrated if the results take some time. The good news is as long as you follow the best SEO practices and stay away from the black hat stuff, you don’t have to worry about getting good results.

Invest in Great Content

Now, this doesn’t mean you should hire a content marketing company right away. Well actually, you could but if you want to be practical about it you can either write the content yourself or get an experienced freelancer to do it. Tip: When vetting freelancers, check how willing they are to learn more about physical therapy, as well as other related subjects including speech and occupational therapy.

Just remember that all articles should be well written. Anyone who reads your blog posts, for example, should find valuable information in there. If you can get your readers to engage, better.

Of course, you have to make sure that before you write an article, you do keyword research. You don’t want to waste your time writing articles that may be relevant to your niche (in this case, physical therapy) but are of little interest to your target customers. You can use free keyword tools online to be sure.

Optimize Your Site

Foremost in guaranteed SEO strategy is your site’s usability. You want to make sure your PT website is easy to navigate and intuitive. You should also do away with elements that slow down the loading time of your site.

Keep in mind, users won’t wait for your site to load. They will just move on to another site that offers a better browsing experience.

Other things to check include your URLs, titles, and meta descriptions. You should also make sure that whenever you publish a new article, you don’t forget to link to other pages in your site.

Learn More About Guaranteed SEO

The list of tips here is by no means comprehensive. SEO is an ongoing process. You have to keep at it or your competitors will take advantage of the weaknesses in your strategy.

We can help you get ahead with our blog tutorials. If you don’t have a website yet, just ask us and we can help you create one with plugins that can modify and monitor your SEO efforts.