Get Paid To Get Fit: 3 Fitness Blog Ideas That Will Pump Readers Up

fitness blog ideas

Blogging about fitness can provide a lucrative stream of income if you can attract enough readership. The sports and fitness industry is worth over $84 billion, and the right fitness blog ideas can help you claim your share.

But truth be told, blogging about fitness isn’t easy. There are tons of great fitness blogs that already have solid reader bases. If you want to be heard, you’ve got to give readers a taste of something they don’t already know but desperately want.

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Take a look at these three fitness blog ideas to get your readers pumped:

#1 – Easy At-Home Workouts

Not everyone has time for the gym. Others may not be able to afford it. Solve both problems by offering easy at-home workouts to your readers.

One of the most common fitness blog ideas, these blog posts give readers an endless trove of content to dive into. You can easily add photos and videos of exercises for visual effects. Plus, you can make each blog post as long or short as you wish.

Since there are already numerous at-home workouts already available on the internet, you should have no trouble getting inspiration as you craft your own.

Take it a step further and tailor your blog to a specific group, such as new moms, busy Millennial entrepreneurs, or bodybuilders. Each post can be targeted specifically toward that group, helping you build a solid readership with content just for them.

#2 – Personal Care

Fitness isn’t just about exercise, but how to care for your body in general. You can include workout tips, information about supplements, and healthy recipes. Do a little research to uncover what people want to know about, but isn’t covered by every other fitness blog.

In addition, consider talking about fitness- and care-oriented services and treatments, like miraDry or massage. This type of information is valuable to fitness-minded readers and can help you differentiate from other fitness-oriented blogs.

#3 – Product-Focused or On-Trend Blogs

When people want more information about a particular fitness product, they often read reviews to see if something is worth their cash. Product reviews and relevant information are critical in the fitness industry, especially since there are myriad lookalike products flooding the marketplace.

Become a valuable resource as a product-focused fitness blog. You can offer your readers reviews of products you or your friends have tried and let people know first-hand how they work.

Products can range from supplements to workout gear and equipment. You can also include healthy recipes you’ve tried yourself. Or, talk about popular fitness trends like oil pulling or acupressure mats.

Once you build up enough readership, consider reaching out to fitness companies and offering to review their product on your blog. They may offer you the product free to try as a thank you for the publicity.

Fitness Blog Ideas Are Just the Beginning

Once you have a good idea, the hard work is far from over.

Whichever fitness blog ideas you choose, make sure you target a specific segment. The more laser-focused, the more likely you are to attract a particular type of reader.

Also, make sure you give them a reason to keep coming back. Your blog posts shouldn’t be blatant sales pitches, but rather valuable information they’ll use and appreciate.

Finally, you’ll need a way to promote your content. SEO and social media ads can help get you in front of the right audience. Visit our blog for more information on how to help your fitness blog succeed.