How to Triple the Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog-

How can you get more traffic to your blog?How to Get More Traffic to your Blog-

Write a bunch of blog posts, share them on social media, build a few backlinks & hope that people will find your blog, right?

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Well that advice is also EXTREMELY VAGUE

Not to mention the fact that the topic of how to increase traffic to your blog has been written about by just about everyone and their mother.

I’ve even dabbled on this topic before in my 5,000 word guide that guides you along the journey of promoting your blog to the masses.

However, nothing else sticks like a real case study that YOU can actually relate to.

I have a special treat for you.

Sue Ann Dunlevie of couldn’t be a better example to show just how easy it is to apply simple tactics to tap into floods of traffic!

Even if you’re trying to drive more traffic to your etsy shop, Facebook business page, EBAY store, or your YouTube channel… 

you actually CAN can get this done.

Sue details exactly how you can make those blogging dreams of yours a reality.


I Present Today’s Case Study 

How one blogger tripled her traffic and doubled reader time on her site with a new, smart strategy for content writing and promotion

Sue Anne Dunlevie

Have you ever felt that you were spinning your wheels trying to get people to read the blog posts you have just spent hours writing?

Spent too much time asking yourself – ‘What am I doing wrong?!’

When you really want to just continue writing more great content and let yourself be caught up in the sheer joy of it?

I know what that is like!

In 2014, I had just taken over a blog which had been stagnant for some months but had potential.

I worked hard to draw in more readers, but they didn’t come easily at all.

It was a crucial time – a time when it is often easy to just give up and throw in the towel.

Luckily I decided NOT to do that.

What You Will Learn Today

In this case study, you’ll discover how I:

  • Tripled my number of daily visitors from 184 to over 800 on average – with spikes up to 1500 per day.
  • Write posts that get over 2000 views in 24 hours and at least 75 comments each time and guest posts that have received over 11,000 views and 100+ comments.
  • Hook my readers into spending over 50% more time reading my blog posts.


How Did All This Start?

I started blogging over 3 years ago. The decision didn’t just come out of the blue.

Earlier I decided I had to leave corporate America due to a stress-induced auto-immune illness, and as part of coping with that, I wrote a book on stress management that is still selling on Amazon.

After the book was published, it felt natural for me to start a blog and blog about stress and its many issues.

So I did that for a little over 2 years, and was both pleased and relieved that it went really well.

I was selling both the book and  a course on stress management and was making 5 figures a year.

Once that happened, the ball really got rolling.

I started getting a lot of requests for help from other bloggers – on just how to go about blogging.

So I made the decision to switch niches.

It was a relatively clear cut choice for me.

I was glad to have helped others with both my book and my first blog, but what I truly wanted was to continue helping other bloggers with making sales, getting more customers/clients and growing their businesses.

However, I knew how much time it took to start a new blog from scratch and I wanted to hit the ground running. So I bought Successful Blogging in early 2014.

Successful Blogging was 3 years old at the time and had a PageRank of 4. It had a lot of backlinks and an Alexa ranking of 175,377.

Daily visitors were 185 on average and it had an email list of 2046 subscribers.

But the owner hadn’t blogged or sent out an email for 3 months at the time I purchased it. So I worked hard not to lose momentum.

Let’s Look At Some Numbers


Here is a screenshot of my analytics for the first month I owned the blog to show you how it was going.<

As you can see, the number of visitors is staying well within the 200-400 range.

When you blog, you obviously have made the commitment to put only your highest quality work out on the blog to be able to keep your numbers – and to get them even higher.

But as I quickly discovered, just working hard to produce content was only the first step in order to actually get more people to my posts.

How I Started Getting Traffic to My Blog

I was blogging once a week and had a guest post blogger on once a week. I would put the blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, and that was about it.

With my first blog, I had used Facebook Ads to drive traffic. But I wanted to use free traffic methods with Successful Blogging so I could show my potential clients and customers that you can build a popular blog with only free traffic.

These were lessons I was learning myself at the time, and so I wanted to pass those on – the methods to get more traffic fast.

What worked? What didn’t?

Well, now we come down to it: My traffic numbers in the beginning were depressing, despite the work I put into the blog. I was getting about 5 comments per post and hardly any social shares.

For instance, here is a post from early 2014. There were 22 social counts and only 6 comments.


Here’s What I Was Doing to Get Traffic in the Beginning 

Here’s the breakdown of what I did:

  • I blogged once a week
  • I had a guest blogger on my site once a week – but they would write anything they wanted; I didn’t guide them with specific keywords or SEO topics that could match what was on the rest of the blog.
  • I put my posts out on Facebook and Twitter, and I did it just once – I didn’t share them more often and I didn’t automate the sharing of old posts.
  • I did start to participate in the social sharing group Triberr, which lead to a 20% increase in my traffic. It was a good start but not enough.


As you can see most of the time, I was really just hoping people would find my stuff if I put it out there, mainly on the blog and the social media channels I was already using.

How I Get Traffic In 2015 

It is like the difference between night and day!

I now guest post twice a month on large blogs and comment on popular blogs at least 15 times a week.

I go where the relevant traffic already is – instead of just putting something up on, say, Facebook, where people are talking about a million other things.

Here is an example of one of my guest posts on TwelveSkip that received 116 comments, over 2000 shares and over 11,000 page views.


Furthermore, I now do expert round-ups several times each quarter.

They get over 2000 views in 24 hours and at least 75 comments each time.

For example, this roundup post on Pinterest received over 100 comments and 1,100 social shares.


In addition, I focus more on blogger outreach now.

This simply means that I contact other influential bloggers when I have a great post coming out and ask them to share it.

The bottom line again is that I find the right networks now to share my content with instead of just ‘throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks’.

Specific Results I’ve Received

It’s not just getting more visitors passing by in general.

People are staying longer and engaging more with my blog, not just in comments but they are also signing up to my mailing list.


My Alexa rank has also improved from 175,377 to 55,583. (Lower being better, in this case!)


As you can see in the screenshots below, the actual time people spend on the site has increased from 2 minutes 19 seconds to 4 minutes 47 seconds now with a low bounce rate.

This was before:


And this is after:


You can also see that my visitors have increased to an average of 809 a day, up from an average of 100 a day when I started last year.

Wrapping It Up

The fact is that I love my solopreneur business. However, you have to get results and keep improving those results for that love and motivation to remain strong.

Business is so much better when you know you are getting consistent traffic and, consequently, more sales.

And having a thriving and successful blogging business is just a lot more fun!

Let me know in the comments how your traffic has increased in 2015 and what you are doing to make that happen!