How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your E-Juice Business

Instagram followers

Instagram followersWith over 500 million active users, Instagram is no longer just for millennials to share photos with friends.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, building Instagram followers makes business sense too.

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The social networking site allows users to share photos, build followers, and network with others.

Once you’ve got started on Instagram, you can quickly get a few hundred followers. But eventually, you’ll find that you cannot continue to grow your following.

Keep reading to find out what you could do to carry on attracting Instagram followers to your page.

1. Establish a Theme for Your Page

It’s important to establish a theme for your Instagram page.

People who are interested in E-Juice products, follow Instagrammers who post pictures of just that.

The same goes for users who enjoy flicking through pictures of Golden Retriever puppies or snaps of delicious Vegan dishes.

If you post pictures of all three of these, then followers are going to get confused.

They’ll get fed up seeing your breakfast of avocado smash on toast when they only wanted to see the cute face of a puppy in a shoebox.

That’s why you should decide what you want to promote and concentrate on just this.

2. “Like” and Follow Other People’s Pictures

One of the simplest ways to get followers is to like other people’s pictures and follow them.

When you like or follow other users’ photos, they are likely to follow you too. The more photos you like, the more Instagram followers you’ll get.

You should mostly like pictures that relate to your posts too. To find this, search for topics that relate to your Instagram page.

As an e-Juice and vaping business, you should search for terms such as #vaping, #ejuice, and #vape. For a great example of how this can be accomplished, check out Mt Baker Vapor vape hardware and their Instagram page.

3. Create a Bio That Gets Noticed

You can use the option of creating a Bio to let other users know about your Instagram page.

Make it clear to everyone on Instagram that you’re an E-juice business, and what they kind of pictures they’ll find on your account.

You can also use the Bio to include a link to your website or online store.

4. Grab the Attention of Instagram Followers

Probably the most effective way to attract followers is to produce interesting, beautiful, fascinating, engaging and original pictures. However, there are some simple but effective ways to take better pictures.

This includes making use of natural light. Even if you don’t look your best early in the morning, your photos do.

Make sure the focus of the picture is the center of the image.

Remember the background matters. So make sure it’s simple to allow the subject to stand out.

The possibilities of filters are wonderful. By using the right filters, you can give your pictures a unique finish. But be careful not go over-the-top.

Finally, include funny, interesting and effective captions that attract users to your pictures. This means it should be short and snappy.

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