Get Instafamous: How to Market Yourself on Instagram


Over 33% of US adults use Instagram. If you want to make your blog noticed, Instagram is a superhero-worthy tool at your disposal. 

But marketing via Instagram requires more than a few posts with some snapped pictures. In fact, businesses all over the world are taking advantage of the social media’s usefulness in promoting their products and services. 

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You should, too, which is why we’re going to explore how to market yourself on Instagram–and how to do it right. 

How to Market Yourself on Instagram

Each post on Instagram sparks more engagement than even Facebook posts. In fact, large companies receive anywhere from 10 to 100 times more likes. 

Of course, that all depends on how you use it. As Stan Lee (RIP) wrote, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.” 

1. Post Quality Content

Sadly, the most basic idea is frequently the one overlooked. The photos, comments, videos and other information posted on Instagram must be of high quality. If it’s not, no one will give it a second glance. 

Regardless of the shape of your photo, Instagram posts it as a square. This is what viewers will see when your post crosses their screen, so it’s an important fact to consider before adding media. 

On top of that, certain pixels are required if you want to really have quality images. Square images, for instance, must be 1080 x 1080 pixels. 

Finally, the photos themselves matter incredibly. They should be unique, beautiful and interesting. 

2. Create Engaging Content

But on top of being exquisite, posted media should also be engaging. Know your target audience and appeal to their likes and dislikes. 

To do this, post information your audience wants to hear. Give touching client feedback, photos of customers using your product or images of readers following your blog advice. 

Ask questions to spark conversations and reply to individuals who reach out. 

Don’t forget about videos. Over half of the population watch online videos every single day, so a quick tutorial or a story is an easy way to promote your blog. 

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Hashtags make your posts discoverable and easy to find or share. They are a great way to promote your blog. 

The key with hashtags is to use them wisely; don’t tack on 15 hashtags to your image because you hope it will make it appear more frequently. It won’t.

Instead, research which hashtags are trending and which are being used by competitors. Then, include a couple hashtags with your post. 

Try to use hashtags that promote action, such as readers taking photos of themselves or doing something for a contest. This drives views. 

4. Promote With Other Social Media

Chances are you have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube account. The truth is, most people are just like you. In fact, recent surveys indicate the average person has seven social media accounts

Therefore, it’s only logical to cross-use your platforms. Include links to your Instagram account on your blog or Facebook. Likewise, lead Instagram users to helpful articles or fun activities through other platforms. 

5. Forge Relationships

Don’t ever take advantage of Instagram and view it as only a means to achieve a wider audience base. As soon as you do, readers will smell it a mile away. 

Instead, approach Instagram as a fun outlet through which you can engage with new individuals. To do that, form a relationship with users. 

Ask questions and respond to comments. Post fun photos or videos from your followers on your site with a short link to the user’s original post. 

In doing this, you create a sincere relationship with your audience. People respond to this.  

6. Humanize Your Brand

Make your Instagram posts more personal. Don’t be shy about showing what goes on behind the scenes.

Multiple studies find that individuals are less trusting of businesses or people seeking only to promote something. Don’t fall into these groups. Instead, share about yourself and your blog so that Instagram users see you are a person, not a robotic corporation lacking empathy. 

To do this, consider posting behind-the-scenes photos depicting what a certain article entailed or an action you took connected to the blog. 

Get friends in on it, too. Show who you are so that your personality shines through your brand. 

7. Take Advantage of Insights

Insights is a service offered for individuals who create or transfer personal accounts to business profiles on Instagram. It compiles demographics about your followers, viewers and more into an easy-to-read format. 

For bloggers wanting to promote their site, this is invaluable. 

By using Insights, you get a closer view of your audience. This makes it easier to find hashtags, create interesting and eye-catching topics and even analyze what works and doesn’t work.  

8. Buddy Up

Our last piece of advice is also one that always increases growth: buddy up.

By that, we mean reach out to your friends and colleagues who use Instagram and other social media platforms. Ask them if they would be interested in linking to your site when appropriate and do the same for them. 

In this way, both you and your acquaintances obtain free publicity. 

Another great way to reach new viewers is through an influencer. An influencer is anyone who has a large following on social media, in this case Instagram. 

Contact individuals and ask them to read your best articles or, if you’re a business, offer them a free product. Then, request that they give your article or product an honest review–so make whatever is provided amazing and noteworthy. 

Many influencers use an Instagram growth service; that means they get professional input on what hashtags to use, when to post and what to post. It also means they have many loyal followers and are up-to-date on the latest trends, so buddying with one is an invaluable way to reach thousands of individuals. 

Stretch Your Wings

Knowing how to market yourself on Instagram gives you the wings you need to soar to greater heights. Of course, this is only one of many ways to generate further readers. Even if new readers make it to your blog, they won’t stay there unless they are interested. 

That’s why you need a catchy hook and title, and we spill all the secrets about doing it the right way in our article

But for now, it’s time to fly upwards and take more readers to exciting new heights.