How to Get Inspiration for Vape Blog Topics

vape blog

vape blogYou’ve taken the plunge and started a vape blog. Congratulations!

Once you get past that initial phase of platform installation and blog strategy building, you hit the bump every blog does early on.

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You need one or two or five blog posts every week. How can you possibly dream up new topics with that kind of regularity?

It’s easier than you think. Keep reading to see how you can do it!

Keyword Research

This isn’t a pitch to use keywords more. Keyword research gives you a snapshot of what parts of a topic people care about at the moment.

Say you’ve been focused on the lifestyle aspects of vaping, but some hypothetical keyword research reveals the top searches are vape mods and the CBD vape pen.

That brief bit of legwork gets you mods and the vape pen as potential new topics. It also tells you people are currently focused on the tech side of vaping, which lets you better target your near-term research and topics.

Instead of focusing on the best places to vape, you can focus on who’s making the coolest advances in vaping tech.

Track the News

When it comes to new topics for your vape blog, the news is your best friend. Don’t limit your thinking here, though.

Some companies that make vaping equipment or accessories will have blogs and news pages. Bookmark these pages and check back regularly.

Set up news alerts for common terms, such as vape, vaping and e-cigarette. These alerts, as well subscribing to vaping newsletters and publications, will feed you a steady stream of potential topics.

Recycle Topics

Evergreen content is a goal, but it’s an aspirational goal. Few topics remain static.

Machiavelli has been dead for around five centuries. Even so, it’s a rare year when someone doesn’t publish a new book about the guy. If people can talk about him for 500 years, your 800-word post probably wasn’t the last word on E-liquids.

Sometimes it’s enough to transition format. It’s so easy to embed audio and video these days, you can call them blog posts and no one bats an eye.

Get Personal

Why would you want to get personal on your vape blog?

For the same reason that the news shows and magazines run human interest stories or profiles. Human beings enjoy hearing about other human beings. It’s like engaging in a more civilized form of gossip.

This does require a little line drawing. You probably don’t want to blog about your personal life. Your opinions and experiences with vaping, on the other hand, are solid gold.

Which of the following do you trust more?

A) A sterile, clinical analysis of a product that anyone could have written

B) An analysis from someone who bought and used the product

Many people lean toward B. Use it to your advantage and give people what they want.

Parting Thoughts

Finding some inspiration for vape blog topics doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keyword research and tracking news sources keep you in the loop about people’s current interests. You can update or change the format of existing content. You can offer personal insights about vaping or do personal reviews of products.

With any luck, you’ll soon have more topics than you can use.

Have more ideas about generating vaping blog topics, leave a comment below. Need a question answered, send a question over on the contact page.