Get Creative: How to Make Your Own Graphics for Your Blog

Graphic Design for Blogs

You’re a whiz with words, and you have the expertise to write a well-crafted article, but still, nobody is reading your blog posts.

Well, you’ve heard the saying, “it’s not you, it’s me.” But in this case, it’s not you, it’s them. Readers are significantly more likely to read a blog post that contains images, 94 percent more to be specific. 

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You may be saying, “I already balance so much though, how am I going to add graphics on top of it?”

Keep reading this informative guide to learn how to make your own graphics that will make your blog posts resonate with readers.

1. Try Using Canva

Canva is one of the most popular choices for bloggers and freelancers to create blog graphics.

It is super easy to use, fully functional, and the best part of all of it – it’s free. They do have a premium version you can pay for that gives you more images and advanced features if you decide this is right for you.

Using canvas is relatively straightforward, starting with a basic sign up process that includes a username and password. 

After logging in, it will bring you to the homepage where you can create a custom design. If you scroll over the “templates” button, it will give you a drop-down list of various templates they provide, including:

  • Social media
  • Personal
  • Business 
  • Marketing
  • And education 

After selecting the template you are going to use, you will have a list on the left side, giving you options to edit the template. 

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In the photos section, you will be able to search through hundreds, if not thousands of free images that you can simply click and drag into the template. Here you can resize the images and send them to the back or front.


In the elements section, you will have access to icons and shapes that you can add to your template. You can choose from shapes, frames, stickers, charts, gradients, lines, and much more.


In the text section, you can select from various fonts you would like to include. You can also add quotes here that you would like to add to the graphic. 

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In the videos section, you can select from different categories like aerial shots, backgrounds, beaches, businesses, cities, food, nature, people, and so much more. Once you select a video, you can adjust it to fit the graphic and decide where you would like to place it.


Here you will be able to change the background color and pattern of the graphic. You can choose from pre-made selections or if you decide, you can create your own.

2. Consider Piktochart for Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to boost engagement and get your point across.

Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than articles containing just text. They may seem intimidating to create at first, but with the help of programs like Piktochart, it is just as easy as crafting a blog post.

Piktochart offers different packages, including a free version that provides up to five visuals at standard quality. You can also choose the pro plan or pro team plan for additional fees.

3. Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is another excellent option to design graphics for your blog. Paint is easy to use and comes loaded on your computer. 

All you have to do is select the image you would like to edit from your documents, and it will pull it up in the paint editor. 

From there, you have a selection of editing tools that allows you to edit

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Objects 
  • Text 
  • And the size of the image

Unfortunately, mac computers don’t come loaded with paint. But you can use Setapp’s Paint for Mac for advanced photo editing features.


If your graphics are going to be more data-driven, is the solution for you. creates visualization reports with ease, translating complex data sets into easy to comprehend images. 

This program creates some of the best graphics for your blog that are engaging and interactive. You can choose from hundreds of templates in various categories including

  • Reports
  • Slides
  • Infographics
  • Dashboards
  • Posters
  • Social media posts
  • Email headers
  • Youtube thumbnails 
  • Maps 
  • And charts

They also offer multiple pricing packages that range from free to over $100/ month, depending on what you are using the software for. 

5. Picmonkey

Picmonkey is a photoshop like photo editor that can transform images into works of art that will engage your readers. 

You can choose from millions of stock photos, or upload your own. You can then upload images to your blog or social media with ease. 

It’s easy to stay on-brand with Picmonkey as you can save and store your logos, fonts, and custom color for later use. 

Picmonkey can give you professional-looking graphics with a user-friendly program. They provide everything you need to get the job done right the first time. 

You can get started with a free 7-day trial, or jump right in with their various pricing plans. 

6. Platoverse

With Platoverse, you can make your images come to life with graphic animation and video effects. 

If you are looking to boost engagement, Platoverse may be a good option for you. Voted “top innovation and product introduction” in 2018 by MarketWatch and has been featured by highly regarded companies like Apple, Facebook, and USA Today.

With photo animation, your pictures will “come alive” and engage readers that might have just scrolled through your post and increased your bounce rate. 

Animated pictures take the best of both worlds – high-quality photos and videos – and creates one highly engaging graphic that you can use as blog graphics. 

Looking for Tips on How to Make Your Own Graphics for Your Blog?

Creating your own graphics for your blog can save you much-needed resources and can also allow you to express your creativity. This level of creativity will shine through your blog to your readers, giving them a reason to come back for more. 

As with any new project, getting started may be difficult, but once you get a few projects under your belt, you will wonder why you ever paid someone else to do it.

For more tips and tricks on how to make your own graphics for blog posts, check out the rest of our website!

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