First Impressions: 3 Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post

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Blogging has become one of the top side hustles, and why not? We all have stories to tell and knowledge to share, and there are plenty of ways to turn that into cash too.

Whether your main focus for your blog is to be a money-maker or a creative release, your first blog post sets the tone for the whole shebang. Here’s how to make sure it lives up to its task.

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How to Rock Your First Blog Post

You might have dozens of great ideas for your first blog, but here’s how to find that one perfect idea and run with it.

1. Choose Your Area of Expertise

Every blog site needs to have an overall theme or specialty. Within that theme, though, how do you choose the topic for your first post?

The key is to choose something you’re especially knowledgeable about. This is the first impression the world will get of you as a blogger, and you want it to be the impression of an expert.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some research too. This can add great information to enrich your content. However, in your first post, your top source should be yourself.

2. Craft Your Ideal Environment

Whether you’re a lifelong writer or you’re more of a newbie, crafting the perfect writing environment is key.

Find a place you feel comfortable and you feel like you can access your voice. Simple measures of comfort like this desk stand product can go a long way.

If you’re someone who likes to write with music in the background, find the type of music that puts you in the right frame of mind based on your blog’s brand.

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Most importantly, turn your phone on silent and tell everyone in the home that you need uninterrupted personal time. Getting and maintaining a flow is vital in writing, and you can’t do that if your toddler waddles in to demand a PB&J. 

3. Have a Cooling Off Period

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest through the trees?” This happens often with writing. You’re too close to your work to be able to see grammatical errors or other ways you can improve it.

The way to fix this is to break that flow you had when you were writing. Walk away from the post for a minimum of 24 hours. Try not to think about the blog in that time.

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When you come back with fresh eyes, you’ll be able to read the blog for what it really says, not what you were trying to make it say. This makes it easier to catch typos and see ways you can improve the post.

If you feel the need, you can do this multiple times. In the end, though, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect piece of writing. There comes a time when you need to click “publish” and let come what may.

One Blog at a Time

Every great career starts with a single first step, that that includes your new career in blogging. Your first blog can set the tone and get you on your way to success before you know it.

The tips above will help you get that first blog post out of the way and kick off your blog. For more tips on beginning this journey, check out our other popular posts about blogging.

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